Conflicting reports on ceasefire: Ukraine says Russia has never agreed | World English News | WION

Russia has announced that it will allow civilians to evacuate from Azovstal steel plant amid the ongoing Russian invasion of Ukraine. However, Ukraine says Russia has never agreed.

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Comment (21)

  1. No ceasefire.. Nuke mariupol.. Time for surrender by mariupol has already elapsed long ago. Insubordination and betrayal must be answered with harsh consequences..

  2. The Ukrainians want those civilians down in those tunnels because that's what's been preventing the Russians from dropping a big-ass bomb and incinerating the whole place.

  3. USA – State of World Terrorism.

    NATO – North Atlantic Terrorist Organization puppets of USA.

    USA, UK and WEST – grabbing and killing hundreds millions of ASIA people science 500 years.

    USA, UK and WEST – stole resources of nations ASIA, create and sread bloody revolutions, starvings and deaths on lands of ASIA.

    They live on money taken by destroying the future of the people of Asia.

  4. Since 12.03.2022 USA-YouTube ban all Russian State Media channels. (After publications about USA biological weapon labs around Russian border in Ukraine, who government illegal changed by color revolution in 2014 by pro-USA-puppet nazis which bombs innocent people in Donbas region and reject 8 years any peace talks ("Minsk agreements" provided by Europe-Russia-Minsk-Ukraine): cease-fire, restore peace in this region)

  5. The view of Latvia is freaking nasty to say the least… Can't u go other side the river and take shot from there???? WHy in the hell u keep that russian communist building in the scene on the left from the screen ??? Also railway is under construction!!! There are plenty places where are no crowds to make reports… And this is not the first report u showing from Riga from this ugly spot !!!

  6. As I lived in Russia for 30 years, I can confirm – there's a way to detect if Russian is lying. If he's silent, he's not lying. If his mouth is opening, he's lying.
    This is clever trick, use it wisely!

  7. make a whole in the defense of Russia soldiers to get the trapped ukranian troops out of the steel factory . ukranian troops remember when there' is no way out of the box you find a way out withen the box

  8. Mr Putin been such a nice guy trying everything to free the civilians but Zelensky is such an ass hole trying to play the world so nato can come to help but nato is scared

  9. I say we send in out 40 mm 6 shot grenade launchers and javelin and stinger and new star streak and man pad

  10. News coverage of WION is on point, but daamn, the comentary under each video is so propagandish/payed for, that it ruins the good we get from neutrality

  11. The comment section is full of Russian troll accounts. It's ridiculous. It's hilarious looking at the American style names but you then read the comments and realise they're using a second language.

    Mike Smith: I American, is special operation Ukraine very justified for bring peace to democratic Nation Russia, poor victim of Nazification Ukraine.

    1 subscriber – Dave American


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