Consumer Brain-Computer Interfaces: From Science Fiction to Reality

Current communication technologies often suffer from being impersonal and non-contextual. Using on-body sensors for implicit or explicit sensing to transfer information, sense context, cognitive states, attention or engagement, open the possibility to enhance technologies for improving mental well-being of a person, help a person with the tasks on-hand but also to connect people. In this talk we will explore the opportunities provided by the systems known as Brain-Computer Interfaces, which use physiological sensors to measure brain activity (like Electroencephalography – EEG), for building seamless, novel and embodied communication systems using several concrete examples among which: applications for direct control of robots, applications to derive users’ intents, applications for attention measurement and cognitive enhancement.

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  1. When I start daydreaming, soldering sensors to household items and spontaneously yelling random words, I take an amphetamine and end up sitting back down at the computer. If I had something strapped to my face that stuck a pill in my mouth when it detected a drop in concentration, it would significantly improve my quality of life. I Wouldn't mind getting so brain implants if they're clean. I Would love to go shopping with an Arduino hanging out my forehead. lol…. I Wish I was a surgeon.


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