CoronaVlRUS latest update is SH0CKING!

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Comment (23)

  1. Thanks for the reporting, here's my takeaways.
    1. Looks like it's time for mask purchases. I thought I saw that N95 rated masks were helpful, but need to research further.
    2. Stay inside, cook more where possible
    3. Pay off debts, economic collapse could be coming this year.
    4. Review lists of clean and unclean foods in the Bible
    5. Develop local economies now to keep $$$ circulating internally. Prepare to barter where possible.
    6. Time for home gardening

  2. In the USA. More people have died from the flu. I see a setup. Blowup a problem cause the problem in order to present the solution to push an agenda.
    Many movies show this. Example The Incredibles

  3. I'm aware of other warnings about the one percent the ultra rich trying to get rid of most of the world's population by any means necessary to sustain their grip on control of the world… is this part of what they are planning??? I cannot believe that people around the world would be so cruel so evil as to unleash such a thing ? Does anyone know the truth??

  4. 37:46 pay attention to the guy in the upper right look at his facial expressions they are lying and it's gonna get bad, trust in Jesus folks and repent of all your sins for our lives are but a vapor.

  5. Drs and nurses in china have said that 100,000 people are infected and possibly thousands upon thousands are dead they are covering it up by cremating the bodies 24 hours a day.

  6. I believe it come contaminated food they eat just like the Ebola virus chinese people eat anything what moves smdh

  7. Awesome video thank you for the knowledge! I've recommended this video & the push back I received was overwhelming! I am now being mocked like Noah & it doesn't feel good at all I'm the crazy person in my family friends & colleagues! However black & white alike they all know about Kobe Bryant! It even make me not want to tell them of these events because of the mocking! It's true what the word say few will get the call SMH. I am staying prayed up! It's like I'm praying even when I'm thinking all the time! thank you once again

  8. People are starting to panick. 😂😂😂 im like ,"oh this. Is absolutly nothing comparing to what is coming". Ya'll better get ready all hell is about to break loose literally (CERN). Its so funny they are pretending to care when they is the ones who probably created. This stupid virus.

  9. LOW???? Where's your proof and research to back up your claim. The homeless will be the ones spreading the Corona virus.

  10. Just so everybody know; something fishy is going on! It is being said that there is no cure for the corona virus. Why would there not be a cure? This virus is not a new virus! Look on the back of the Lysol cans and you will read that the Corona Virus is among other viruses that Lysol kills. If Lysol can kill this virus there has to also be a cure that can do the same. This looks like to me to be a dangerous plot!

  11. This is just the tip of the Iceberg. Until we as humans recognize that there is a higher power than we, coronavirus, diseases, pandemics, etc will continue to ravage the human community for it is not up to man to even direct his won steps.YIRMEYAHU(JEREMIAH)10.23

  12. It's a sign of being in the last days!! It's one of the curses from God!- for the wicked and the disobedient!- it's time to wake up!- and repent! Especially the lost sheep of Israel!! This is prophecy fulfilled from Leviticus 26!+ Deut 28!! Who is blessed and who is cursed!!


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