Corporations are the European invention that allowed them to take over the world

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  1. I literally had to read a wiki page line by line just to understand the relationship between eic and the British Government. Why was a corporate answerable to the Parliament? How is it acting like a government in India? What is the Monarch doing favouring it amongst all others? Honestly it boggled my minds

  2. corporations did not enable Europe to take over much of the world but the Ottomans did. The Ottomans blocked Europe from the Asia trade so Europeans found that it was way cheaper to sail to Asia themselves. Guns and Germs were only useful when conquering over the New World.

  3. Hello Johnny I’m a big fan of yours. This is totally unrelated comment but can you make a video explainer what’s the difference between Capitalism, Socialism, and Communism. I wanna know what about this Marxist theory or etc.

  4. I’m pretty sure trade existed before the Europeans. Before, it was the nation/empires doing all the “exploiting” which meant empires and countries because externally wealthy but the Dutch removed the kings and states as much as possible and made ordinary people increase their wealth..

    You make European seem like monsters and savages by stating they made Africans and natives become slaves… but that no worse than what they were doing to them selves… why isn’t that part ever brought up?

  5. They just got lucky because of their ambitions and technology happening at the same time. Europeans and Americans don't do long-term planning very well. I don't know uf that's what gives them advantage or what will cause their empire to collapse. Other groups do collectivism and long term plans better, but they care little about individual rights so they collapse too. Greed is everywhere, and sociopaths live everywhere so we all see big swings in how we (as a group) live and treat others. There's just not enough balance anywhere to do everything fairly and with integrity

  6. You can point at numerous things that allowed Europe to expand so rapidly in the 15th century and onwards. Whilst corporations indeed helped, many other things did and pointing out a single element really doesn't say much and is honestly a highschool level generalisation. You could say the Portugese invention of Caravels was a major invention that fueled the age of discovery/colonisation just as much as the VOC/EIC.

  7. Don't forget Johnny purposefully leaves out critical information like the Jeju uprising and the horrific US backed S Korean goverment in his video about N. Korea.

  8. In the US, these dividend paying shares of corporations are going to allow me to actually have a retirement without relying on the state at all. It's quite remarkable what regular investment in broadly diversified funds can do for wealth building over the long term. It is a beautiful thing! Start young, friends!

  9. Corps have long controlled our lives taken lots and now they after our souls.
    this war is a peoples war a war against a system that spiraled out of control its a war against the fucking forces of entropy.
    do whatever it takes to stop em, gut em, defeat em

  10. Dude, I really used to like your content but lately you’ve been going on this anti-American/European is evil no good angle. I know both the US and Europe are not innocent in world history but it seems like you’ve got yourself stuck in a little niche.


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