Covid 19, Cas 9, CRISPR, The Neo_Eugenics Movement and The Transhumanism Agenda

The has been a huge proliferation of the eugenics agenda the world over. The concept of preserving the “fittest” of all creation by means of natural selection has had wide acceptance an appeal in the West from Francis Galton to Andrew Carnegie. Why would the concept of eugenics stop now? The fact is it wouldn’t. It has taken many forms and transhumanism is one of its hallmarks the other is genetic engineering the process of creating a new human form to the molecular level. Movies like The American Wolf in London, Weird Science, Silence Rage give just a few examples of where political social engineering plans to take course since Hollywood is now knee deep in influencing the political agenda of the nation and by extension the whole world. (Note: This Video Contains Copyrighted Material for purposes of reference and proof not financial liquidity or acquisition. )
(Disclaimer: The publisher of this video requires the viewer to use discretion upon viewing this material. And To Do Your Own Research. This information is for reference purposes only in conjunction with the freedom of information act. )

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