COVID-19 Conspiracy Theories DEBUNKED / Episode 18 – The Medical Futurist

_*An UPDATE video is coming soon.*_ We can only overcome the COVID-19 crisis if we understand it and fight it together, armed with science, data, and accurate information. That’s why fake news and conspiracy theories are not just not funny, but outright dangerous.

Arm yourself with facts to debunk conspiracy theories – so that whenever you hear anyone claim that:
– the coronavirus was engineered in a Chinese lab, or
– is a biological weapon created either by China, the USA or anyone else, or
– 5G networks spread the virus, or
– COVID-19 was unleashed by Bill Gates…

… or any crazy idea, like these, you can fight back. We have a duty to push the truth – because now, there are lives on the line.

Read our article on the topic:

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