COVID-19: The Great Reset

Since it made its entry on to the world stage, COVID-19 has torn up the existing script of how to govern countries, live with others, and take part in the global economy in a dramatic way. Professor Schwab and CEO and Founder of the Monthly Barometer Thierry Malleret explore these disruptions in their new book, COVID-19: The Great Reset.

The World Economic Forum is the International Organization for Public-Private Cooperation. The Forum engages the foremost political, business, cultural and other leaders of society to shape global, regional and industry agendas. We believe that progress happens by bringing together people from all walks of life who have the drive and the influence to make positive change.

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Comment (45)

  1. Learn your rights people and fight for them if you want to avoid this situation from happening, what these pig's are doing is extremely unlawful because we never voted for this, we are the sovereign and have the right to reject this plan, these people have no right to speak on our behalf!

  2. That Schwab book would be interesting, so we know what they trying to achieve….Governments rarely achieve all goals and at preset time frames…Just to give you some hope.

  3. yeah these people want us to have nothing while they have everything don't you guys have enough the greed is unreal tbh people work hard and deserve to own there own properties and keep there wealth to hand down to there children you don't have the right to take that away from us and we won't let you do that

  4. The world and human societies are always evolving and changing since the dawn of time, people need to stop being scared of change. The old ways don’t work anymore, change is inevitable!

  5. This is an evil ploy to take away our freedoms!! Say NO to Big Tech and Big corperations running the world! They are using the plandemic as an excuse! The old world was better and we can go back! The only ones calling for a reset are the super rich!


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