Covid Vaccines Are Weapons Of Mass Destruction And Could Wipe Out The Human Race

Dr. Vernon Coleman warns of genocide and the MRNA gene therapy injections. In autumn, 2021 and in “The Winter of Our Discontent” in 2022, we will witness a MASS EXTINCTION EVENT occurring worldwide.

Of course, this will be blamed on COVID “variants” and the WHO, CDC & govts will then require folks to get additional death-jabs and “health” passports to enter stores to buy food, travel, etc. WE WILL BECOME THE SAVAGES living in off-grid colonies Huxley’s “Brave New World.”

In addition, those awake individuals who DID NOT take these “death jabs” will now be at a greater risk of getting infected from those who are “vaccinated.” who are now carriers of the bio-engineered lethal strains. i foresee communities of unvaccinated folks forming to avoid contact with those who are now carriers of the mutated, weaponized virus.

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