COVID woes continue in Shanghai, over 21,000 cases reported in 24 hours | WION

China’s battle with COVID-19 is on and Shanghai is in its fifth week of lockdown despite strict measures cases continue to rise. The ongoing COVID curbs and growing economic concerns have started to take a toll on the residents

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Comment (40)

  1. That is f*ckin sarcastic, in that board it says “Happy working, happy life” while people are heavily locked down 😆😂🤣 WTF !

  2. WOW.. 390 people die in oneday.. 😫
    Xi pinping is not happy.. someone has to be blame for this happening.. 👈🙁😳🙁😳
    WHO SHOULD IT BE…? 🤔🤔🙄🤔🤔

  3. if the CCP is actually “confirming” 39 deaths, then we know that the real number of deaths is 10x that.

  4. I genuinely believe they’re lying and full of it to keep those people under control. How are more cases coming about when they get checked daily and locked inside their apartment for weeks! It’s insanity. I can’t wait until China unite and take over their leader.

  5. shame on china for running around like headless chickens with the suits and herbicide sprayer backpacks and mosquito foggers, aint nothing health giving gonna come out of those things… time to aim for herd health, instead of trying to eradicate…

  6. Its another plan of china to rock bottom and attack the economy of the world by re highlight covid when the world had try to live or forget the Wuhan virus but now it started to project that corona was a highly transmitted disease but the actual fear was the ruling despensation of china. first we have Wuhan virus and now will be known as Shianghai virus but the real virus was from Beijing and the Viruses are CCP

  7. Because the world never asked the obvious: how can a positive test mean anything if the alleged patient has NO signs and symptoms of a disease.
    The world has accepted this bullshit and now we pay the price!
    PCR is not a diagnostic test, it cannot detect disease, it only multiplies a fragment of genetic material.

  8. Xi is a complete failure. Loser took credit for the work of great leaders Jiang Zemin and Hu Jintao. Since Xi came to power nothing but disaster. CCP lost the mandate of heaven.

  9. Chinese censors are now censoring Chinese social media users who post lyrics from their national anthem. What type of joke country censors its own national anthem?

  10. Assume you have 25 mio people, assume that zere is really zero viruses, then you test them with a test with a reliability of 99.9% – and you will get exactly that: 25'000 "new cases"! Hmm… Just some reasoning of course…

  11. 25 million people live in Shanghai and only 39 deaths? That's nothing. Never give up your firearms because this lockdown looks like mass murder. Heartbreaking for Chinese people.

  12. Uhm, most of us know that Covid is a BS excuse to further disrupt supply chains to the West via continual and unending lockdowns. It's the Great Reset in motion. Food supply issues are growing exponentially, worldwide famine is in play. You've been warned. You are welcome.

  13. You should talk about the largest scamming call centers In Kolkata, West Bengal trying to scam innocent people. India is one of the biggest scamming countries in the world

  14. Xi can't stop the will of God. The blood of those whose organs were harvested as they lay awake and aware cries out from the ground. China woes have just begun. God will not be mocked!

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    If you die as a non-Muslim there'd be an eternal punishment in the hell fire for other religions will be invalid and it'll have consequences.
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