CRISPR in Context: The New World of Human Genetic Engineering

It’s happened. The first children genetically engineered with the powerful DNA-editing tool called CRISPR-Cas9 have been born to a woman in China. Their altered genes will be passed to their children, and their children’s children. Join CRISPR’s co-discoverer, microbiologist Jennifer Doudna, as we explore the perils and the promise of this powerful technology. It is not the first time human ingenuity has created something capable of doing us great good and great harm. Are we up to the challenge of guiding how CRISPR will shape the future?

PARTICIPANTS: Jennifer Doudna, Jamie Metzl, William Hurlbut



0:00 – Introduction
1:55 – Jennifer Doudna introduction
2:25 – How do we learn to use CRISPR technology wisely?
3:29 – The basics of understanding CRISPR
6:04 – Genetic engineering explainer film
7:39 – How can CRISPR help the worldwide food chain?
9:57 – Genetic disease treatment
14:25 – Improving quality of life
15:55 – Designer babies
17:55 – The gene drive
19:25 – Confronting the ethical implications of CRISPR
23:55 – Jennifer’s childhood in Hawaii
28:25 – Patents
32:08 – Importance of accuracy
32:40 – Germ cells vs somatic cells
35:58 – He Jiankui controversy
40:05 – What makes CRISPR dangerous?
43:48 – How do we enforce regulation of CRISPR use?
53:50 – The aftermath of He Jiankui’s work
1:09:25 – How do we make CRISPR technology accessible globally?
1:14:00 – How do we balance natural biology and CRISPR?
1:18:44 – How will CRISPR impact our future as a species?

– Produced by Nils Kongshaug
– Associate Produced by Emmalina Glinskis
– Music provided by APM
– Additional images and footage provided by: Getty Images, Shutterstock, Videoblocks.
– Recorded at the Simons Foundation’s Gerald D. Fishbaum Auditorium

The Kavli Prize recognizes scientists for their seminal advances in astrophysics, nanoscience, and neuroscience. The series, “The Big, the Small, and the Complex,” is sponsored by The Kavli Foundation.

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  1. I don't trust any one who doesn't know God. Yes they've been modifying everything, half the world is sick, on drugs, mentally challenged, depressed, evil, angry, not motivated, autistim on the rise, Cra Cra scientist. No accountability, they know they've done a lot of damage but won't take ownership.
    Yep, you've recked it now you want to fix it. NOT

  2. A Moral compass is used to find hell. Crispers used to find heaven ,Life itself
    Not God. God did monkey around. But fake news is No News.hahaha the future is now, because there is no forgiveness , Only Extortion, let's go already..

  3. 3:00 “How are we going to decide technology and guidance?”. “I favor the World Health Organization….”


  4. They will NEVER use this to cure medical diseases because that would 1) decrease the need for the murderous abortion industry and 2) would go against Bill Gates and all his cronies who want population control. Just my opinion. I am glad that very few people agree with this dangerous behavior.

  5. I can and have and do change my genes… On. My. Own. Ive healed a pituitary tumor. Cancer. OTHERS have had their life saved from my touch… Im not a god… But i am. We all can do this.

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    All yr billions and billions in research holds no candle to what is already PROMISED through our Lord and Savior. Scientists admit they don't truly understand more than 6% of the universe, yet you call them world leaders and authorities on Godly matters? 🤔

    Do ye not know your bodys are the temple of the Holy Spirit?
    You were knitted together in your mothers womb (DNA) fearfully and wonderfully made in the image of YHWH GOD.


  7. 0:29 The advent of the printing press… sparking the age of reason… ha ha ha ha ha
    When I heard this I knew I was in for a treat of being subjected to a narrative of unreason and cut and paste memes.
    The print revolution had nothing whatsoever to do with reason!

    Fucking hell, why is this video associated with the phrase 'World Science Festival' for god's sake!

  8. This is why we should not accept the covid 19 vaccination programs to understanding what they have created and what they are going to do to the human population and selective culling of elderly people and vulnerable people in the world ancient gods sages influences throughout history and sages in science and scientists advising politicians to make people complying to their vaccines and vaccination programs. This is the result of gender neutral identity crisis and infertility in the world people from their scientists have introduced their created weapons and biological experiments on food to animals and fertiliser of crops and genetic factors to alter the world ancient bloodlines and gods breeding with humans and their genes mixed with humans and created their own people and species of animals and humans. We have been deceived by religion and religious traditions and political world leaders and richest people in the world ancient bloodlines and gods influences on kingdom's and empire's and principalities are going to destroy all humanity and the truth of God Almighty Amen and Jesus is a reality and the truth of God and end of times prophecies when they are going to be exposed by God's presence and all evil destroyed in understanding the power of God Almighty Amen.

  9. Crisper is a chemical scissors, used in these vaccines I imagine in order to cut and splice RNA in to the DNA? Look how the entire world manipulated governments using bribes, press, actors, and politicians to create a 201 event that went live to get this vaccine in every one by a insane, mad non-scientist because his family wants to reduce the population for their use, of Creators earth. If a hell exists, there has to be a fast track to it for Gates,his wife,and these so called elites that are pure evil.

  10. There is zero ethics in the medical field, ,do no harm i s not applied any more. GMO food is destroying Americans , It is such awful food that birds and other animals won't eat it. Where has our bats gone? They kept mosquitoes down, now we pollute the world with poisons to stop them. Gates spreading vaccines which are poison, there is no question they cause autism but these doctors hide these facts intentionally .Doctors causing these childhood illnesses by putting poisons in our children and now they want to try to fix them ? Doctors are the dumbest people I have ever met. Confronted with an unknown solution for the most common illness, they only know how to prescribe steroids, or cut like butchers. Look at all the solutions to combat this common cold they have defined as COVID to create a fraudulent platform to shove an experimental dna changing drug in your arm because they are insane like bill gates and his sick wife. They both belong in jail or death row for the evil creations in India, and africa. They get away because people are stupid with no common sense, take the dumb masks off for one, no science for them.

  11. The World Health organization is trying to kill 7 billion people with a fake vaccine transhumanized people to control them with 5G technology and they're going to end up with a war on their hands against them

  12. This is how Communist Chinese Virologists engineered Covid 19. Three sections of bat virus were spliced into the SARS RNA sequence near one end and the RNA for the HIV spike protein that connected to human ACE 2 receptors were spliced in the middle. That's how the Chinese engineered a biological weapon they intended to use on the United States. But there was an accident and it got out of control in Wuhan China.

  13. This interview occurred at the same time the Wuhan institute was spreading covid 19 around. I wonder if covid had the CRISPER mechanism engineered into it?

  14. The world's food supply has already been destroyed by 'GMO' tech. This is exactly the same technique, so now these psychopaths will destroy what is left of Humanity. Good time ahead!

  15. So they fuck up everything and everyone" and now want to fix what they've broken in everything starting now. They wouldn't need any of this if they didn't mess with our food, air, water, and intern messing us all up to a point to only return to superhuman slaves to make more benefits. They make money off of everyone that's sick; cancer is in everything in time to wake long after they've implanted and changed our DNA through shots and food at the beginning then all the rest of they're agenda to take over and create mass hysteria playing god. Fuck covid and all its blind sheep that plays in the fools play pen.


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