Crop Catastrophe: A Nightmare Scenario Is Upon Us

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  1. And…start exchanging some of your fiat currency for gold and silver (real money). Have both paper cash and physical gold and silver in a safe.

  2. Family if you are in an apt, get some aluminum roasting pans to catch the water where 2 or 3 flower pots can drain. Get a air pump to keep the water oxygenated and grow in the sunniest room of the apt. If there aren't bees or butterflies or even flies to pollinate your plants, take the pollen off other plants and apply it with a tiny paint brush to the buds. YOU can grow in your home, you just have to have a space or room that holds 4 to 5 hours of sun. Tomatoes, cucumbers, beans, herbs, onions, garlic, watermelon save the seeds so you can barter with others and keep the heat off/robberies down by working with your neighbors that want to help keep food in their own family's stomach. Strawberries and watermelons, squash and cucumbers. require about 12" of soil, a crate lined in plastic can grow greens or beans, just poke some holes in the bag at the bottom about an inch up so it holds some water for a couple of days. You can do it if you try. Don't die, just try. Yah got your back.

  3. This reminds me of a dream I had a few months back. There was a flood and the water went down but left the homes in swampy conditions. Snakes and worms and every kind of slimy creepy thing was crawling up the walls INSIDE peoples houses. IT WAS A NIGHTMARE HORROR! I hope and Pray that neither me or my family has to go through that. In that same horror dream, a snake jumped into my neighbor's cooking pot and jumped out at her. As she was trying to run it bit her leg and pumped venom into her. I was screaming and felt helpless. I couldn't help her. She said she felt tired and laid down on her bed. I think she died, and I woke up crying.

  4. There is a show called, “Growing Your Greens” that teaches about turning your yard into a garden. The show is ran by a gentile but he is very informative.

  5. There is a farm here in the Atlanta area that teaches hands on organic farming as a course.

  6. Crop catastrophe and being flooded by illegal immigration= more demand than supply= a famine, eventually!

  7. its documented that the govt control weather.  cal has drought that effects the food basket.  places in Midwest get flooded where large farmes are affecting food.  tornadoes also hitting the Midwest where are food grows.  it is stated that the rulers of the world intentionally will ENORMOUS pain to the people.  the choice is given.  pain or unity.  people will chose unity over pain.people will cry out to God JUST LIKE THEY DID IN THE PAST.  But God said they did not repent.  to the evil will appear first as the bible said to deceive everybody.  (my opinion) if people will be made to worship on SUNDAY (FAKE SABBATH) IN ORDER TO MAKE THE DISASTERS STOP.  I could be wrong.  but sunday laws are being pushed all over the world,  why?  setting up for something evil.  pay attention.  beware of religious leaders leading people into FEMA-RE-EDUCATION camps.  you will be offered food / shelter / clothing in these camps.  because the climate change agenda has destroyed everyones homes so we will be willing to run into the trap.  these camps are to re-educate peoples thinking.  no more private houses. no more religion to chose. you must accept socialism.  people over 30 will be put to death as part of depopulation.  cost too much to care for the elderly.the USA will fall first.  rid capitalism  then the rest of the countries will follow

  8. as you mentioned in trails, judgement video.  satan will be used to do Gods will.  satan wants to play god.  the all seeing eye / survallance is the imitation of God.  remember God will allow it and then as the book says then God will turn on Satan

  9. Yes he is going to take care of the commandment keeper fact some Israelites barely can make it from day to day. Yes if you can store up what you can do so

  10. as far as food goes and preparation in the us goes.  you cant.  under martial law.  the law can and will enter your house and CONFISCATE EVERYTHING AND ANYTHING they deem to take.  under law.  they know about prepers.  don't be so sure of what your buying is so good for you.   read codex alamentarius.  even labeled organic wont be organic.  you want to lock your self in your house.  then they burn the house down with you in it.  you want to run into the mountains, drones, cencors will spot you  and off you go.  you want to build underground bunkers.  they have the technology to look under ground and find you.  there is absolutely no where to hide.  you must have 100% confidence in the Lord.  and that's no guarantee either.  he may use you to be killed in order to build someone else faith at your expense.  so we are like clay, to be used in WHATEVER the master wishes to use us for.  lets just pray we can endure faithfully regardless what happens.  God bless

  11. In the awakening, some people are behaving foolish and those who are not awake are glorifying themselves behaving more foolish than ever.

  12. They can plant rice in this time instead of corn 🌽 what you can do . Do it until you can do what you want to do! All this education out here environment scientists should be on it already

  13. The ppl of yah only needs water to survive really we are like plants so I am not worried about no crop I will just plant myself lol no seriously we need food but not like that!!

  14. Shalum. I'm working at the cherry plant N California. And we've lost 80 precent of our fruit. True. Story

  15. These "natural disasters are happening in specific areas in AmeriKKKa. Isn't the Mid-West the "Heart of the United States of Europe and don't forget the dirty south. Just a warm-up. Thank you Watchman Report for your time and energy used to make these videos. People need to think about growing plants indoors, otherwise, you'll be attracting thieves.

  16. And Trump have put Traf on Mexico, where some of the food come from we are going to judge by the Most High for our sins.

  17. I had the same thing happened to me during the Memorial Day Tornado's in Ohio. My husband and I asked TMH to lead us where he wanted us to buy a house. We were looking to buy a house in Trotwood, OH. Trotwood, OH received an EF4 tornado and wiped it out. Praise Him

  18. Shabbot Shalom my Family in The Most High. Respectfully, "…faith without works is dead…" James 2:26

    James 2:14-26 speaks to how we are to show our faith to our Father by doing the works. The openening verse speaks volumes… James 2:14 'What doth it profit, my brethren, though a man say he hath faith, and have not works? can faith save him?'

    Obviously not. Even if we have faith to believe and trust as we should, it's our work, the action of having faith and trust, by which we are saved.

    Watchman and Deborah are encouraging us to act on our faith by preparing for Almighty Father YAH's wrath. He's strong at work in the earth and even as we acknowledge His great works, we need to 'hearken' to His word and do, for example, as Joseph did in Egypt during the 7 years of plenty that lead up to the 7 years of famine, Genesis 41:28-36. Joseph told Pharoah to store away a good portion of the plentiful over the 7 years, so that when the famine came, they would not die of starvation.

    Joseph told him to "prepare" for the upcoming famine, not to sit and wait for YAH to feed us. Pharoah listened and a multitude of lives were saved even as countless others died.

    How can YAH save His children if they're too lazy to put in the work?


  19. Shalom Fam. Long time no contact… lol. Just know that I pray for you all daily!
    Anyway, I was wondering if u all either Can ur food, or ferment your food for long term storage.
    As always, thank you for continuing to sound the alarm and so alerting our ppl / reminding out ppl of YAH's judgement that us at our door. Love u for it!

  20. I just (6/18/2019@10:36am)heard this on local Dallas/FtWorth am radio …..
    the farmers in america will only be planting 15% of the usual 100% of their corn crops this year
    Meaning only 15% will be available to harvest for food, gas next spring

    Family we better be preparing for food, water, gas shortages

  21. My friend and I was just having a discussion about this a few days ago. About how the fresh fruit and veggies we buy quickly become rotten and spoiled within a few days or so, the food quality doesn't even taste the same! My people we must have a back up plan and learn to garden for ourselves if you have any land to grown your own food!… I just want to know how can I start.. would you and your wife suggest a garden starter kit I saw a few of them online and amazon…

  22. I tried to Babylon flea doctrine went to Tanzania for six and a half months in 2011 was told that Babylon will be destroyed in 2015 when Barack was in office. was told that he will be the last president it is 2019 going to be 2020 and now we have a crazy man in office I'll do what the prophet Isaiah said that the most high will deliver us from the four corners of the Earth ,,🤔


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