Cyberpunk 2077 Proves The AAA Gaming Industry Is Broken

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Assassin’s Creed Unity, Fallout 76, Mass Effect Andromeda, Ghost Recon Breakpoint.

Surely Cyberpunk is the tipping point?


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Comment (42)

  1. remember when they said " gonna come out when ready " in 2013 … i never understood why AAA games do trailers at the begining of a dev cycle when we all know its gonna take years before the game release , than i understood thoses trailers never been for players but for investors , they show the hype of the crowds at E3 to the investors and voila thats how you finance a game , took me a long time to realise.

  2. I know you can’t compare Sega games to what we have now, but I am going to. When those games were made they had to make sure you could play from beginning to end. I feel like they rely on being able to update after they release. Some games more than others. I can’t remember the last game that didn’t get a date one patch. Luckily I’ve always been able to update my games so it’s never been that big of a deal to me but win a game it’s on its fifth update and it’s still having this many game breaking bugs…. that’s sad 😞

  3. The only new release I've bought on day one across the entire length of the ps4/xbone era has been Resident Evil 2. Any other game I've bought was at least a year old. They're just not worth it anymore with how half-baked most of them are.

  4. For me this game was the last drop in the glass… For 5-6 years ( been gaming since Super Nintendo came out ) i been a part of this fiasco what we call gaming now… I watched how EA and Activision ruined nearly everything they touched with micro transactions and terrible quality. I watched how Ubisoft became one of the most useless empty shell of visually impressing games. I watched how Bethesda made an utter joke out of Fallout. And now this with Cyberpunk… Gaming became a monetized day 1 patch. There was no day 1 ready game published for years. On the other hand we have to pay full price on day 1. I had enough. I just sold my gaming Pc and i did hang up my gloves. I got tired of being lied to and i got tired of paying for unfinished products. Im hereby done with gaming after 25 years.

  5. in cp 2077 case, they really just were to ambitious about what they wanted to do abt it, and after the witcher 3 it's hard to out do yourself on the next game but yeah ppl should of stopped bitching about a few delays and let them keep working on it

  6. I'm personally very specific on the games that I'm willing to pre-order at this point. For instance, a Sony exclusive I'll pre-order no problem. From God of War to Nioh 2 I've been happy with every purchase. Evem though I didn't like the story of TLOU2 I didn't regret pre-ordering. But these "this game is gonna be huge" open world or games as service games I alway wait for reviews since the last ome I pre-ordered flopped hard (Anthem). I'll be skipping 2077 cause by the time they get it fixed I'm sure I'll he wanting to play something else.

  7. Games should be complete and at least 95 percent bug free with no major or game breaking features on launch and also more tightly focused so they have their own identity without trying to be everything because if a game tries to be everything it only succeeds in being another average nothing game

  8. i would so much rather wait for a game to be bug free and perfect than have it come out sooner and have to wait through numerous patches before it’s playable. We as consumers wouldn’t allow any other industry to get away selling something that is broken, so why do we allow the gaming industry to do so? Some people like to play without being online, so they are left with the first version of the game they bought, which is almost always not ready to be released. Just let us wait! Saying it’s delayed again would have been so much better for us and for CDPR.

  9. Interesting for you to mention it being marketing as the issue when so much of it has to do with not QA'ing games anymore. If patches didn't exist, these wacked out games wouldn't be released. Not a chance.

  10. I do feel like gamers should stop being beta-testers at this point. The hype trains are getting people involved on day 1 or day 0 who don't need to be. I'm going to tell all my non-gamer friends and family to just wait 4-6 months after release before buying that game (unless it's Nintendo) and hopefully at a price below $70. I do agree that it gets to a point that you're asking too much of gamers to be apologists and devs. for having their heads in the clouds of what they want their games to be versus reality, especially on launch day. If you look at games like Hades and Baldur's Gate 3 at least they're realistic. They could have their games in the early access phase for years before they even think of releasing a full, "final" version.

  11. Broken and incomplete and full of DLC or microtransations games that is our reality now as gamers. Is like this will be patch pay the 60 dollars and we will fix it. Hate the fucking industry

  12. I think 1 of the things that might help with company's trying a new things with games engines and anything new in games is have a demo for everyone to try of their engines.
    They wanna add spiderman style swing to 1 of their games put it on the demo for a time to see if it works, they wanna drop a nuke on a map to see if it stalls the game stick it on the demo. The companies get free beta testers and we get to see how from a game play perspective what their upcoming game is gonna be like. Just gameplay no stories or missions.

  13. this game has made me afraid for the next from software game. It has similar parameters: a cooperation with a prominent person (HRR Martin) from a very reputible company (FROM Software). If it can hit cdpr it can hit anybody. I won't buy a game day one ever again.

  14. the problem with the video game industry is they stopped paying for testers a video game tester used to be a job that you could get and get paid for and play video games all day but they decided that they don't want to pay for testers so instead of paying for testers there customers have become their free video game testers that should be illegal it should be a crime to release a video game that has not been stress test by testers for a such and such amount of hours

  15. That guy with the bald head and a shir beard told me cyberpunk was amazing……was he smoking spice? He need his bald head telling off…. seriously was he paid to say that tho

  16. Go buy The Outer Worlds a AA game by Obsidian it is amazing and fuckin sweet compared to AAA fuckin shitty atrocities and garbage like Fallout 76 by Bugthesda! Hell go buy Red Dead Redemption 2 and Grand Theft Auto 4 by Rockstar!

  17. CP2077 was the first game I had preordered in years, last game I preordered was RDR2. I will Never again preprder a Game in general, and WHATEVER CDPR releases next I am going to intentionally Ignore until it's in a used bin for 10 bucks. Last time you Rob Me you greedy Bastards.

  18. If the AAA industry is broken, it's because we gamers broke it.
    If you 8 million of you MORONS didn't pre-order the game, buy any form of microtransactions or give passes for games that are eventually fixed months or years later, this would not be the norm.

  19. It's kind of another downside of everything being so digital. Because of crunch culture, the consumer is receiving less than the minimum expected of a dev team then having it patched and uploaded later. It's not a convenience tailored to the consumer and it should be. As I'm editing I hear Scott saying that publishers/project heads are still so married to their deadlines and that needs to stop too. Those milking the cash cow need to understand that most things in this industry are LONG TERM investments. Just let them do what they need to in the time it will take and STOP leaking projects so soon. Expectations start as soon as we know it exists……

  20. If you're dying for a great Cyberpunk experience, I'm really enjoying Ghostrunner right now. Some kinks exist in the game play, but have yet to experience any glitches/crashes and with a PC running 10th Gen Core i7 and Radeon RX 5700 XT settings were defaulted to Epic (high). Haven't messed with those too much apart from V-Sync to try and get it above 60 fps, but it still runs really well compared to a lot of newer games that I've tried and failed to run on a PC that was built just last year on a $1500 budget (Overhauling the MOBO to Intel has helped a LOT).

  21. If this game is the most catastrophic letdown in gaming history, why do y'all still like it and giving it excuses in the hopes of it getting better? Y'all sound like battered women hoping your man treats you right and stops beating you.
    Y'all sound pathetic.

  22. Honestly, they need to announce games much closer to completion. If you want to hold a complete game back slightly to add a hype cycle, so be it. Not ideal, but better than this current trend of full-price alpha releases.

  23. Proper regulation is needed. You can't advertise a 300 hp car and then sell a 100 hp version. It's illegal and false advertising. This only happens in gaming due to lack of legal regulation. As long as gamers keep finding excuses for being ripped off this will never change.

  24. I got burned on Anthem. I don't believe for a second that they were even bothering with 2.0 or NEXT. After that? All AAA titles are dead to me. I've never bothered to play anything but old school classics after that. "Hello Nintendo 64, my old friend."

  25. Cyberpunk 2077 is not a game, it's an advertisement for the current gen top-range PC graphics cards. The only problem is that you can no longer find them anywhere.

  26. Cyberpunk paved the way for every future “AAA” title to release broken, empty, glitchy asf, only 40% finished and will never get fixed. Look at Outriders. Unplayable garbage that doesn’t even launch half the time. The gaming industry is a sham at this point

  27. I think it's the gamer and the maker of the game, don't buy the game or buy the game, I've lost faith, if you give contrastive criticism on a AAA game your wrong and if you love it your right, damn fan boys, were all part of the machine.


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