Cyborgs, Transhumanism, and the Future: Video Essay #1

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  1. Hey all! Thanks so much for watching. I'm venturing more into the topics of video essays and I decided to try it out today. Please let me know what you think! In these videos, I try and make a singular point, with extra detail to language and evidence. Hope you enjoy!

  2. Very interesting content. Intellectually it is very stimulating and makes you really think about the world we will soon be living in. A topic I also think about a lot. Keep it up 👍🏽

  3. This is why I have been pulling away from technology and social media. YouTube is all I use. I do have Pinterest but rarely open it and will probably delete it next.
    I don't watch the news, rarely watch television, don't have Wi-Fi or any other "smart" devices besides my phone.


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