DARPA Deployment Of Hydrogel: Mark OF The Beast

This is a short video from the brave Celeste Solum as she reveals plans for the use of hydrogel to fuse with the tissues of our bodies, which it is thought will be the method of deploying a digital certificate for the coronavirus vaccine.

This injectable sensor becomes part of our bodies and will be able to track those who have it.


Its maker, Profusahttps://profusa.com/.

String of hydrogel, a material whose network of polymer chains – https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hydrogel.

Towards a High-Resolution, Implantable Neural Interface – https://www.darpa.mil/news-events/2017-07-10.

Researchers Identify Conductor of Brain’s Neural Orchestra & Begin to Decode the Score – https://www.darpa.mil/news-events/2017-05-18.

Next-Generation Nonsurgical Neurotechnology (N3) – https://www.darpa.mil/program/next-generation-nonsurgical-neurotechnology.


The N3 program aims to develop a safe, portable neural interface system capable of reading from and writing to multiple points in the brain at once.

Six Paths to the Nonsurgical Future of Brain-Machine Interfaces – https://www.darpa.mil/news-events/2019-05-20

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