David Icke Coronavirus Conspiracy Theory | The Danger of Covid 19 Misinformation

This video answers the questions: Can I analyze David Icke’s interview about coronavirus conspiracy theories? Support Dr. Grande on Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/drgrande

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Being the Son of God is a nice little earner. By: Richard Littlejohn, Daily Mail, 03077578, 11/29/2011

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  1. Hi Dr.Grande, lol thank God we’ve got the voice of reason in you. I can’t scream loud enough to drown out all the misinformation about COVID and the vaccine. From misinformation to out right INSANE completely non provable “theories”.
    I only put theories in quotes because so much online isn’t even sane enough to be categorized as a theory lol.
    I find it really sad, that in the US a virus and a vaccine has become fused with some misguided thought that it’s a civil rights issue.
    It’s a virus. It doesn’t care who it infects lol. It doesn’t have a brain. And worse yet is the refusal to protect oneself and family by vaccination… because of the wild “theories” about that.
    If someone doesn’t want the vaccine that’s their business. My problem is these people also don’t care about public health,or the rights of others to not want to be in a closed space with them. Lol say a plane.
    The old saying “you can’t have your cake and eat it too” has been flying out of my mouth like mad.
    It’s a shame the US is a case study in how conspiracy theories are doing real harm.
    Thanks for all your hard work!

  2. I don't think any young people have died without underlying issues. They don't count obesity and included any deaths within 28 days of a positive PCR test, even if Covid 19 wasn't the cause. PCR tests don't work either.

  3. Ofc , unwashed masses are gonna believe proto chav conman . After all guy is failed goalkeeper lmao. “Social media’ is best thing that ever happened to lunatics & grifters . Up to that point they were relegated to standing on corners shouting, being laughed at. Now, they can buy cheap mike, camera get black suit and honey trap brainless gammons planet wide. Lmao.

  4. paid shill, let the truth be free. Dr. you have a serious obligation to serve the people with truth and to be an influence for good with the worlds health, otherwise you're never living up to that title.

  5. Dear Dr Todd Grande, you need to listen to Mark Passio former priest of the Church of Satan, they told him to go ahead and tell everyone what he knew when he left them because nobody would ever believe him. Their right aren't they Dr Grande??

  6. Where David Iche was 20 yrs ago WHOLE WORLD will not be in 20 yrs.I don't know where is FREEDOM and why WE/adults need daddy to tell us stories…ALL GOOD SOCIETY PEOPLE ARE MEANT TO SUFFER BY WORLD..Nikola Tesla,Iche,Gadaffi and etc.


  8. Look up the 3 city states London Washington DC and Rome and get back to me…3 or tri, its the elect tri city nobody votes for but always has the power ..FACTS not a conspiracy theory just a conspiracy pointed out.Even the English language has been used to mock the truth.

  9. There was a period of time Icke thought he was Jesus, which I know has clinical implications. I lived with an avid supporter for six years, but maintained my cynicism. Although I do get that the people who control the most money have disproportionate influence in the world, but humanity is likely more of a chaotic mess even at the top than Icke represents. Thanks for the analysis and show some of the reasoning fallacies like the "either/or" fallacy.

  10. The point is not whether any of these ctheories are true or not. The point is that official channels lost the trust of millions to a degree where they rether believe the "lizard people dude" than any systematic organ.
    People always gonna belive what they wanna belive, cuz that's all you can do: trust a source and believe.
    So why is it, that so many People all over the world consider systematic information more likely to be fals or knowing half true, than true?
    Analyze that, please

  11. The amount of paranoia in the comments and distrust in the state of all those self proclaimed "medic, politics and virologist scholars" who are here is mind boggling and so entertaining. So far the majority principle goes quite well. So much fear – just live life, stop smoking up and consuming (literally everything). How does all of this affect you? And who cares?

    200 countries but yes…they are all AFTER YOU (coz you‘re so special). 77 mio people worldwide when barely anyone knows who Icke is. Let‘s wait for the planned economy worldwide…and meanwhile use the internet to watch Icke‘s videos which anyone can find (and don‘t forget to go incognito, stop using your debit/credit card and destroy your smart phone).

    No evidence is efficient…so actually we don‘t have any viral or bacterial diseases and progress and research are irrelevant. The depressed tend to be more likely to develop paranoia (then again, who believes in clinical research) – better check Icke‘s mental health and yours…as some of you fear the CIA is after you. Left radical anti state fear mongering bs, yet super entertaining😂

  12. Yes i remember in the early 90s Icke
    Was saying he was the son of the God head and the planet was going too end. I few years later it was interdimensional reptilian beings who feed on the energy of abused children, and use shape shifting technology to hide among us.
    Now its all about the moon and Saturn being pissed off with the earth because we have an atmosphere and telescopes to watch them.


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