David Icke on Free Speech & Who controls the World

In this interview writer, public speaker and former goalkeeper/sports broadcaster David Icke talks with Rob Moore about freedom of speech vs freedom to conform and the control of information in today’s world through ‘ghost banning’ censorship.

1. As this was shot in David’s office we couldn’t get our lights in so it gets progressively darker. The audio should be crisp though 🙂

2. This is an unedited conversation with often labelled ‘professional conspiracy theorist’ David Icke. We don’t necessarily agree with all of David’s theories but thought it would be hypocritical for us to cut it. It’s not what I said and we only manage to touch on a very few business related topics.
41:48 – Entrepreneur conversation starts.

David shares his thoughts on social media and talks with Rob about new opportunities for entrepreneurs as well as entrepreneur challenges. The fear of what other people think about yourself, how to overcome it and surround yourself with the right people who can support you. He also talks about life, human body, consciousness, fulfilment in life and what the word “disruptive” means to him.

Whether you agree or not, some of these theories are fascinating.

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Comment (42)

  1. Next to freedom of speech, we need freedom of listening. For instance being able to listen to what David Icke has to say without getting interrupted by stupid commercials at at least twice the volume every minute. Commercials are stealing the most precious thing we have in life, which is time, and they are taking away from us the ability to understand the message by distracting from it. Commercials in informational videos like this (no matter how good or bad the information presented in the video is) are distracting from the message and in a way are to information what logical fallacies are to logic.

  2. David Icke can stop their plans by Exposures but if they don't upload how can we know.
    I suggest interested people print hand bills with FAITH and you will see Thousands all over the world copying you because The Pandemic has taken out the wind out of many.
    China Virus God knows?
    CHINA doesn't want a NEW WORLD ORDER.

  3. Zionist by definition are not jews anymore since jews are forbidden by god to create a state ,country or nation of isreal by earthly mean .only when their messiah comes and god give the jews isreal throught a miracle that the entire world will see will they be able to have israel back.It's at the core of judeism .zionists have decided not to wait for god and to do it by themselves and therefor are not jews anymore .that's why so many rabbi are having demonstration on the street of america demanding that the state of israel be dismantle because it's a blasphemy to god and the jewish faith. just search (rabbi protest against israel ) on you tube and go watch it .it will open your mind to the lies of zionism and the state of israel wich is the most racist state in the world right now .

  4. A pleasure listening to Icke but the number of advertisements is ridiculous. The poster should be ashamed of himself, Twenty minutes in and already 8 ads. It ruins the video. Any novice YT channel knows that excessive advertising is annoying to viewers and I guarantee you, Rob Moore, that I will never watch another video you post.

  5. it's always the people who have never read his books or listened to him speak that try and belittle him and discredit him with these vague generalised sweeping statements of what they claim he believes. They haven't got a fucking clue because they just believe what it said in the Sun or the Mail. Even supposedly intelligent people think like that. It's lazy minds who think they are right because they are in the majority. Well it looks like the majority is going to get vaccinated so all those people who hate Icke and do whatever Boris Johnson tells them, they will get vaccinated, and it will be a very hard lesson they are going to learn about not having the guts to stand alone in your own power, when the truth about the vaccine agenda comes out and the effects of it on the body become more and more apparent in the years to come.

  6. Wel maby they have money he has authauriti but he is affraid to covid and uhm yeah he want a personal life to so that's why I help him out

    Unfortless I am happy with my sex life so don't be distruped by me

  7. Those people David talking about are afraid that why for eons they control us but not anymore changes allready happens, in reality the Planet Earth populations are free, be HAPPY, love you DAVID💖🌹🌎

  8. Greetings to both of you. First , thank you Rob for interviewing mr David and letting him speak uninterrupted, that makes you a great journalist. To Mr David, I never thought I would truly appreciate a white male for speaking not just truth but with a sincere spirit and I appreciate him for that . This gives me a different preception about some white people for I am a well rounded person who likes to read and analyze human behaviour for I not the regular thinker, I view the world in a whole different way than most people and I am deeply spiritual, not religiously but universally and I see things for what they are and not what they look like. I hope that more people will become aware of what he is saying. I am a black sister who respect your words spoken with conviction. May the ancestors bless you.

  9. Perhaps there should be No laws governing speech – giving power to authority to interpret what you can and cannot say. Freedom of speech is freedom of ALL speech. Yet the "authorities" of law have set parameters on speech that interpret "incitement" of hate, racism and violence? Right now, expressing opposing views is being labeled as "hate" speech by the opposing group and the speakers are being persecuted and canceled. For example, any opposing view to institutional racism is racist hate speech. The lines and parameters become blurred quickly and their interpretations have been manipulated. There should be no laws against speech of any kind.

  10. David is so far ahead of his time it is scary. He knew this shit was coming…Read Jim Marrs.' The rise of the fourth Reich'. History always repeats itself. the problem is people do not study history anymore. This book is not for the feint hearted.Once we start excepting one side (government narrative) then its all over. Question everything.Debate and opinion = logical conclusion.

  11. The sun 🌞 that thing goes out there be no one left

    You should say who manipulates the world my best guess his name is SNAKE 🐍 on sarn-hell-site South he's untouchable good luck with those lot down there i out I got to get my sanity back first…

  12. Back again… there are actually 6 senses! If you define OUR senses as ACTUAL ORGANS we are fitted with the sense of Balance is vital to good functioning , the actual bits which function are the "semicircular canals" which have been a mystery until scanning technology was developed…if you doubt the importance of balance….get drunk,or drugged or seasick! like all sensory use skilled sharing of senses gets wondrous results….balance +visuals ..ball games, balance + sound….dance, balance + touch….art. All sensory organs can get so fine tuned its scary! some folks see a much wider (or less) spectrum than others..some see the electrical field of the body ! (kerrilian (?) photography )  Also the experience of hearing the "brazilian lecture" he seems to be talking about is one of the 4 ways the subconscious communicates to the conscious mind , some folks get it a lot, remember "Joan of Arcs " "voices" some ltd type chemicals appear to induce this ability/state. Fish appear to have a weird sense combining touch & smell !!! the cordal line With us "synisthesia" is a n occurrence (smell experienced as SHAPES!!!)

  13. I agree with 96% of David Icke, which I am not sure of, but a fantastic interview Great work Rob Moore. really get David Icke around a table and prove him wrong. Blown away doesn't seem mad to me in anyway.


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