Dawn of the Transhuman Era w/ Prof Steve Fuller | FUTURES Podcast LIVE

Discover the uncomfortable truth of what transhumanism means for humanity: from morphological freedom to death as a lifestyle choice.

Join transhumanist & author Prof. Steve Fuller for FUTURES Podcast LIVE, hosted by Luke Robert Mason.

Transhumanism argues that we should preserve and extend the unique properties that make us human by radically altering ourselves and the environment around us. Recently transhumanist thinking has seen a resurgence thanks to new technological developments that point towards the possibility that many of its promises will be realised. This raises a number of challenging issues that aspiring transhumanists must soon face: from how they will choose to manipulate or upgrade their body; to how they will approach the taboo of death – especially if, in principle, you could live forever. 

What motivates a desire to transcend our perceived human limitations? What new bioethical approaches must we take? What can we learn from Nietzsche’s concept of the Übermensch – the ideal superior man of the future – that has real-world application today?

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Comment (8)

  1. I'm interested in artificial intelligence helping us to understand how biology works. To manipulate biology and mix it in created any way we want National biological buildings or biological computers we could become something so much of the effects of the changelings of Deep Space Nine.
    We need a constitutional direct liquid democracy Socialist Communist system

  2. Generation change is an illusion.. Every generation so far seems about the same. cruel hedonistic murder oppression , piss and shit,etc. Generational change is technological change.

  3. The best way to make the transition to transhumanism so everyone can be what they want to be we need to get rid of capitalism and move to a constitutional direct liquid democracy AKA do a new version of socialism and communism

  4. The only reason young people don't see the state as a thing to interact with id because through their whole life the state has only served the rich and the property owners and never serve the people so why would they care. Sorry but in all honesty his descriptions of up-and-down are the same as left and right today I don't see any real difference

  5. Any woman who employs manmade bio-modification for the purposes of birth control is not a biological female but trans-human. They are already amongst us.


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