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In Afghanistan twin explosions have killed at least nine people and wounded 13 others in Mazar-i-Sharif the capital of Balkh province. The blasts are the latest in a series of deadly bombings to rattle Afghanistan.

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Comment (36)

  1. This country is a ticking time bomb.. most of the local tribes here donโ€™t like each other thats why this place will never be a peaceful place to live in!

  2. Brainwashed SS, you won't go to any heaven in the after life. Islamists will end up in hell in the afterlife.

  3. Why doesn't india help Afghanistan everyone blames usa but why doesn't other countries closer help Afghanistan no just let usa do it then blame them it's easy to blame usa but what other countries will fight terrorism except Canada usa and uk its just messed up you blame usa for trying to stand up to terrorism where were china and india soilders helping eliminate terrorists oh just let us do it then we can blame them practice what you preach

  4. These so-called "civilians" support their own terrorist groups anyway. Just leave that forsaken country alone. Don't put in news. All they need is attention from the global community. Let them obliterate each other to extinction. No need for the rest of the (peaceful) world to know.

  5. It's just genocide of Hajara (Shia) by Sunni muslim Taliban and ISIS … No one stand for them … Except Iran …
    Only Iran can save Hajara community, otherwise they will wipe out in next few years by Taliban-ISIS Nexus..

  6. may god restore peace in afganistan… once a region of budhism is now under chaos..sad…
    they r fighting with each other since ages.there is no peace in abrahamic religion..and they call themselves peaceful community???? this religion is itself a terrorism for the world..

  7. I was so lucky to be born in a Chistian country because there is peace, freedom and prosperity. In there country i could always hear the news about, chaos, murder, and bombings bombings, people…. If there is God in a country, the country is peaceful because God is love and he hates liar and murderer…..

  8. Imagine killing your own brothers and sister who are also the same religion as you for "religious" purposes xD

  9. Salafism. isis. terrorist. are. not. sunni. muslim. and. enemies. of. islam. Sheia. and. sunni. are. brotherhood.


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