Defiant Imran Khan refuses to resign; Endgame is near but Pak PM hangs on | World News | WION

It is the final showdown in Pakistan and in his address to the nation Imran Khan ruled out his resignation; captain Khan says he will fight till the last ball.

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Comment (30)

  1. 4:15 Sheikh Rashid should be PM with immediate effect…and Fawad Chaudhary the Army chief…
    Big bully India will back off…

  2. Geo Pakistan ,,, The Message to all the people they are watching this Program , just wait 48 hours , You will Face The Truth in the D Chock , Imran Khan PTI

  3. At one time he had anounced to quit cricket after losing world cup but he could not reject the request of Gen Zial Haq and returned to cricket

  4. The detail of this conspiracy is not known to me though the names he references certainly intriguing! Benazir Bhutto, Rest in Peace! Ahmed Shah Massoud, likewise!

  5. No wonder the country's economy is so screwed up with him in charge – when he says he played for 20 years but holds just five fingers up in explaining this!

  6. INDIA SHOULD Settle NAWAZ SHAREEF & co AND ASIF ZARDARI & co in INDIA 🇮🇳 IF they are INDIA'S favorites AND make THEM INDIAN PM and PRESIDENT… SOON INDIAN will know what they are! 🤔 😕 👈

  7. Imran Khan is the best choice as PM of the country than crooks and corrupt opposition parliamentarians who have come together to oust Imran Khan by involving in bribing corruption to take charge and again involve in making money to sunk the nation in more debt.

  8. Will he be clean bowled, stumped, caught, run-out, or LBW? I think LBW because the umpire is involved in the decision-making.

  9. His downfall is due to his religious beliefs. He becomes religious extremists and fails to govern. Same here Sri Lanka. Here the guy has the number to survive.

  10. Look at the way the man speaks. He is convinced that he's doing the right . Inspirational.
    Stay strong Imran. USA cannot have everything they want. They want to break the China-Russia-Iran-Pakistan pact.

  11. Imran khan thinks politics is cricket well khan you wrong. Politics is a socio economic philosophy and a good politician is a man or woman or group engage in constructive and objective policy development and people's processes

  12. Shayad Israel meri baat ko samjha nahin . Mera matlab tha Israeli agar hathyar nahin uthaein gay to hathyar sirf dehshadgardon ke pass ho ga . Yun Israeli police ya fog unhein asani se pakad sakti hai . Aenda Israel meri baat talne se pehle das bar soch le .

  13. Lundians should worry about there country and biggest slumps in the world are in india. Modi and ambani looting the country


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