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Sound speech, that cannot be condemned; that he that is of the contrary part may be ashamed, having no evil thing to say of you. Titus 2:8

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  1. The 1st n 2nd book of Adam and Eve supports the doctrine of Cain vs Seth children. I read it and definitely think alot of Christianity words has been put in the book.

  2. When you Truly examine what Ellen White said concerning the Slave Master. It’s very very deep and profound. Throughout the Gentiles life. They have said many things they believe was directed to us or pertaining to us. But they were speaking into existence, what is actually meant for them. I say this all of the time. I Thank TMH for giving the Heathens the opportunity to come to know him. And to be a part of him. TMH knew exactly what they were going to do when he gave them the opportunity to be a part of his Kingdom. TMH did this, because he is a Just and Fair Elohim. He also did this, so that No Man will have an excuse! As Ellen White has said about us. No Kingdom exist without a King. No King can be King or rule without subjects. And every King has servants who dwell in his Household. A King cannot rule over himself. Nor can a servant rule over a King. When TMH gave Adam Authority over everything on the Earth. TMH Glorified his Name in his Son, by given him Authority over Heaven and Earth. The Mashiach is Israel. We are descendants of Israel as he is. What is his’s is also ours. What he rules over. Is what we rule over. That is why it is said “we will judge Angels”. The Angels were created to serve us. Created as servants! They are, and were suppose to Act as Liaison between us And our Creator! As you see The Angels Michael, Rafeal and the other Angels who reported back to God did. Satan was placed in the Garden as well to monitor and Watch(Watchers) over Adam and Eve! And in watching them. He noticed that they were not doing something. (Eating from this one Particular Tree) Yet instead of reporting this to our Elohim, Sin seizing an Opportunity in him due to high and Lowly position as Guardian of TMH’s Creation he believed to be Lower then him. He Sought out an opportunity (as they have done today to us. Nothing has changed underneath the Sun) to raise himself above TMH’s creation. Rejecting the position as Guardian Cherub anointed him by our Elohim. Christ, has now restored all things in Heaven and on Earth back in Alignment, back in its Rightful position and Order. Even TMH’s people! First to his People! Then to them who also believe all of the Truth!

  3. At your 53:04 mark. See how that is in-line with Revelations. Seven Golden Lamps Stands. Seven Candle. Seven Churches. Seven Angels over those Seven Churches. TMH is addressing the Angels sent to each of those Churches(to watch over them) and as before, as has always been. Some Angels became Corrupted. The Book of Enoch only refers to some of the Angels, as HOLY! The Angels have always played a role in Mankind. Good or Bad. Even to this day! 1Kings 22:22 Genesis 18:2. Job. Angel sent to Mary. To Zacharia, Mary’s cousin Elizabeth husband. Arsayalalyur to Noah. Zacharia 3. The Angel and Joshua. Some are doing exactly what they were create to do. Some are not! Heaven and Earth is relative. Divisions here. Division There! Only One was Given the Right or Acceptance to be Called his Son by TMH himself! And many of us who follow in his example will earn the Right to be Called Sons as well. Remember what is said. There was No one Found in Heaven or on Earth. Or Underneath the Earth. Worthy enough to take the Book of Life(Scroll) from our Elohim’s right hand. Accept for our Mashiach! Not one Angel. Not anyone still alive. Or anyone who has died. No One! Angels can be corrupted. Just as man is corrupted.

  4. Ok Bro… I'm a staunch Adventist. I don't believe or do as you are declaring against Adventist believers… So, stop generalizing and placing all Adventist in one box. Not wise or cool.

  5. Yes! They created the Nephilim and the descendents of the Neanderthals are the seed from the nephilim and they mixed with Edom and that's why you see white people today with no melanin and they have the recessive gene

  6. Genesis 3:15

    King James Version

    15 And I will put enmity between thee and the woman, and between 👉thy seed👈 and 👉her seed👈; it shall bruise thy head, and thou shalt bruise his heel.

    Also the most high tells the serpant that he will eat dust…..

    What was Adam made from???

  7. The statement by the false white prophet is the same thing which the Arabian desery prophet Muhammad said about the colour of Muslims al Lah will take to Jannah (heaven), black people he will send to hell, Sura 3: 60, 106 – 107.

  8. Lol, EGW said that an angel gave her a green cord to hold near her heart and when she desired to see Jesus, she was to stretch the cord outward. She visited Saturn and Uranus and saw tall white men there who had known no sin. She, in vision 😏, went back into the time of Jesus and narrated his daily life stating that his brothers were sometimes upset with him because “being older, they thought he should follow their dictation.” If Jesus had older brothers then wouldn’t that nullify the virgin birth? The woman wasn’t only a false prophet but a nut to boot. These are things I literally read myself because I have a friend who’s in SDA, and he makes it seem so cultish that I had to see why. No one’s salvation even hinges on the prophets that MADE IT TO THE BIG BOOK, so certainly no one’s salvation is hinged on even knowing EGW existed. And for the most part, those who have never heard her name are BLESSED!


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