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The inevitable has happened, and the Sri Lankan government has declared bankruptcy. It makes one wonder if other nations might have undergone bankruptcy in the past? #WIONOriginals #Srilankacrisis #Worldeconomics

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Comment (31)

  1. A FUGUE OF TEDIUM … OF STULTIFYING ENNUI … so described by an author.

    Not anymore …

  2. America is also in a debt trap with China. America owes China 1.2 Trillion and so far with, unjust wars in Asia, Regime changes in South America, and now Ukraine wars, has only been able to pay the interest. China and Israel have been smart they mixed with the Europeans and gained knowledge, India needs to do the same. Europe has over 50+ countries that India also needs to do business with, so stop taking things personally start thinking economics. Sri Lanka is a island not a great economic base attached to other major economic countries, it's closest base is India not China. The more powerful major countries, like the rule of the jungle, will dominant the less. Africa is a beautiful continent but it is ruled by other civilizations. Europe, North Africa is all colonized by the Asian Arabs, and China is a big player there. China is the Orient not Asian. Look up Professor Richard Wolf.

  3. Europeans Robbed Asian and African countries and become rich by Blood of Innocent Indians,Asians and Africans.

  4. The war in Ukraine 🇺🇦 is meant to open your eyes to the reality in the financial system. Real estate firm and other businesses are also closed too only crypto holders are spending money with ease..

  5. Credit goes to late PM PV Ji n Manmohan Ji to timely action avoid bankrupt of india. Jai Hind Jai Bharat. 👍💪💪👍💪👍💪

  6. Most of above mentioned countries had their colony. And colony country faced the burnt of today's so called big economies.

  7. No wonder UK did MAXIMUM looting of India from 1932 to 1947. That's why MK Gandhi was installed as the figurehead of the Indian freedom movement, to delay the inevitable freedom of India and to give plenty of time for MAXIMUM looting.

  8. Sri Lankan bankruptcy is self-imposed suicide. Electing bunch of thugs, war criminals, and thieves to parliament with 2/3 majority, not implementing UN resolutions, racial intolerance etc . Now finding solace in the company of handful of other utter failures.

  9. Yes, Sri Lanka became bankrupt since the country borrowed money from China for their infrastructure projects with high interest loans, as you know long term projects do not get returns soon but the debt has tripled in no time. They have given up their ports/jetty to run this project to China as they could not repay their debt. Pakistan will follow next as a result of loaning money from China, and then follow African countries. This way China will control part of the world economy. China has no ethics. At least, EU and America has ethics in this aspect by not loaning money at exorbitant interest rates poorer countries.

  10. One more term to Congress and the dumb slave Manmohan Singh, India would certainly join this list !😡

  11. The credit for saving our economy from bankruptcy goes to our great PM Late Shri. Chandrasekhar ji. It was he who laid the roadmap of liberalisation. It was Shri. Chandrasekhar ji who had given a curt and blunt reply to judges on judicial activism. Had he been the PM for 2 decades then India 🇮🇳 would have become the superpower.

  12. No doubt Indian economy was going down hill in the early 1990s and before for various reasons. One being lots of loans to farmers and others by PS banks were written off at the instigation of many netas whose eyes were glued on votes. Former PM Narasimha Rao made certain reforms and turned the sagging Indian economy around with support from men like Dr. S. Swamy. As for former PM Dr. Manmohan Singh, a brilliant economist, he was not effective and full to the thr brim. With limited power, he was relegated to the back bench by party leaders and became a rubber stamp PM. Through out Spectram scandal and abuse of govt money caused by Congress party's close electoral ally, the entire Indian audience saw the sad predicament of Manmohanji. A good man in the wrong place somehow managed to stay afloat and came out alright.

  13. Mr Narsinhrao had that courage to follow the warnings and suggested measures advised by the IMF. He than chose his FM Dr Manmohan Singh to execute the plan as per advice. Pakistan and Sri Lanka were warned similarly firva ling time but chose to ignore the advice. India too may have done the same but for Narsinhrao who turned out not to listen to Sonia. These are the grateful facts and explains why Congress found it hard to acknowledge this but found it convinient to heap the credit on Dr Manmohan Singh who ALWAYS followed the instructions even to this date.

  14. Of course! Many other nations have gone bankrupt multiple times in history!
    Do you know France went bankrupt? Not once! Not twice! Not thrice! But 11 times in its long history! Obviously, none of those bankruptcies is recent… last one was September 30th 1797.


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