Dietary Law: What about food cooked with pork? Ask Watchman

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  1. I've been looking for ya'll a long time. I hope its not too late for me. I seriously lack understanding, but desire to love and be loved of the Father. So many bad habits. From the almighty to the saviors name, my diet I'm so overwhelmed. I will start with that list of clean and unclean and purchase a new bible (cephar?) I have the ruach with the gift of tongues. So i'll just do what I can stay in prayer and depend on Him for strenghth and help.

  2. If God cast the demons swine out of Nazareth . Told the demons swine to come out of Nazareth go to live in the beasts. was a pig . If you put the pig in your food what are you eating . The soul of the swine or the spirit ?

  3. My wife is Ghanian and when we were in Ghana someone was selling Octopus and she bought it. Is that against the law to eat?

  4. Can you please let me know of simon is real .he was the man that helped jesus carry the cross.It said he was hung from a where do simon come in.If peter said that he seen it for him self that he died on the tree?

  5. How on earth can you possibly make bread w pig hair??? Vaccines!!! Vaccines have aborted fetal tissue and pork…vaccines. Never get your children vaccinated. NEVER! It will be law soon but Almighty has to hide his people from all this evil

  6. Hi Bro and Sis, is chicken and Turkey unclean? There are videos on YouTube that indicate that it is an unclean food. Can you do a lesson on that? Many of the Israelites are still eating these foods. Thank you

  7. Wat about raw meat that has been drain of its blood… Fo example in Ethiopia they eat raw meat called Kitfo.. Ive never had it but have heard of it.. It looks drained but its still raw.. Please let me know..

  8. On the subject of pork and sabbatg, can someone balance on Chapter 14? peoe are using this to justify eating port n sunday worship.

  9. I look at Pork as though it is..
    s h i t.. and no I would not pick the turds out of my stew and eat the rest

  10. What about 1st Timothy chapter 4 all food is okay I'll meat is okay according to that scripture I'm confused

  11. Really, you wrong about . YAHUSHA was a fisherman.
    Seafood like Shrimp is clean from ABBA YAHUAH creation.
    Shrimps eat from the plantum, small living nutrient in the water. Prove me that Shrimps are wrong

  12. My Dad told me it's ok now to eat pork. The only reason pork was known to be bad in the Bible he said was it wasn't cooked thoroughly back in those days. He said cows have five stomachs, which is why it's ok to eat beef. Now a days pork is well cooked, but I'm sure Hebrews still don't agree with unclean animals.

  13. I wasn't raised up eating pork so it was just something that was not included in my diet but on this job that I used to work on every Friday they would have fish and I remember when I went to lunch I remember getting a piece of fish and it was so good it was baked until I went back for seconds after I finish eating I remember telling the lady in the cafeteria how good of a job she did on the fish. Later on I found out that she actually took the grease off the pork bacon and poured it on top of the baked fish and that's what gave it such a "great" flavor and I remember I said to her that is so deceptive do you let people know that don't eat pork she looked at me and said oh I pour that bacon fat on everything. I'm getting a headache just remembering what happened. Thanks for your content. Many blessings to you and your family


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