Disorder in the house of Israel: Menstruous women shall bring forth monsters. Re-upload 2017

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Comment (24)

  1. Shalom! Children, for the most part are not being reared right. Parents don’t deal with the children like they did when I grew up. Sometimes there’s no father in the home and some women are busy working and trying to do everything. Peoples focus is sooooo off and children are affected by this.

  2. Respect your elders is how I was raised. No body is perfect . I too was abused but I still no matter what respected them and loved them and honored them. That is what the Most High instilled in me. I am the youngest and only browns skin one and was expected to fail in life it hurt but for some reason I never held that against them and loved just the same and did everything possible to honor them.

  3. It's not just about the women, now you see why don't nobody wants to have these kids anymore. We're past menstrous women, it's going to get baron.

  4. This is what happens when you read from different books you get confused. You should stay to one book and one book only, the Holy Bible. There’s no confusion there. Also not being disrespectful why do your wife literally take over watchman reports and I’ve never seen him on redirected taking over the conversation. Like I said I’m not being disrespectful but she needs to quit cutting you off while you’re speaking and let you talk

  5. This is a sensitive subject in my life due to my oldest daughter, I Love and pray for her and I continue to ask Yah to help her find way home. But she can no longer live in my house, destroy my property and put hands on me anymore. I Love her so much and she knows it, but she only does this because she wants her way even in a conversation, money etc. Also, she wants to be the Mom, so I have to let go and let Yah because I don't want to fight her, smh. I spoiled her and did my best but I've only been in the truth for 6yrs now and it's colliding with her fun life. It's beyond painful 💔 😫 😢

  6. Wow absolutely right to that ahkoti n taking care of her mom…I have similar story I learned make amends for the part you play in my relationships..I did the same took care of my mom till she past

  7. Amen! Consequences for disobedience is so real. Trying to teach my 5 year old twin girls that all the time. Pray for me 🙏 I can't fail at this job.

  8. Shalom to you all…..I humbly ask, if you can do a video on ,the wife took the jab against the husband's advice…are there dangers of passing the juice through the" bedroom"and any other problems this will bring forth…thank you in advance for your wisdom!!

  9. Single mom, dad in jail, No authority in the household leads to complete destruction! Watch the movie "Black girl" and "Claudine"! nothing new under the sun!!!

  10. I don't know if you read this or not, but I want to say this.
    My mother was a horrible mother.
    I did everything in the house yet she told people I didn't help her. She would beat me at the drop of a hat. I never sakes her or talked back. She tried to sabotage my education. She lied and said I was shooting hookey. At 7 she tied me down and beat me because I forgot to watch my 2 yr old brother. She beat me if I tore my dress, lost a ribbon…I found out one day that this mean treatment was because she got pregnant with me at 15. She blamed me! She didn't realize that it was she who messed up her life not me.
    She left my dad and had 3 more kids by two different a married men. She never married again.
    She was a pretty woman and she hated when people said I was pretty. She told me to stay in the back room when visitors came over.
    Anyway, she lived to be 91 and I was her caregiver. I had people constantly fussing at me because she complained about me all the time.
    I had gotten to the point that I had started praying every night asking YAH to take me away to be with him.
    I had retired at 62 because I had had a stroke earlier and suffered from my sciatica plus high blood pressure and other things. I just didn't complain. But I just couldn't do enough to satisfy her.


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