Disrespectful and Honor-less Generation

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Comment (23)

  1. people are having kids and not teaching them anything, the tv, internet, yictoc is the parents and thats real!

  2. APTTMH YAH!!! Thank you again Brother Watchman and Sister Deborah for another much needed Message!!! HALLELUYAH, SHABBAT SHALOM FAMILY🙏🏿🤲🏿🙌🏿👏🏿💕

  3. All Praises To TMH for another blessed Shabbat day & lesson. Shalom family all the days of your lives.1 love

  4. With the kids being cursed by Elisha, I think there was more to the story. Like the criminal who was crucified with The messiah. It’s not that kids brains aren’t fully developed but in a lot of ways they don’t understand the ramifications of what they are doing similar to Watchman story about his mom.

  5. Rebuke not an elder HARSHLY.. does not say do not rebuke at all. Yahusha rebuked his elders even went as far as to damn them. Was Yahusha lacking respect or honor for his elders by rebuking and even going as far as to damn the pharisees and scribes who were actually in error?The Greek concordance clears up this misinterpretation.

  6. Shalom Watchman and Debra Yah, we love listening to you two but at different restaurants the age 50 or 55 and up are called Senior Citizen Discount. Here in this World is what you get, why do people 55 and older do not want to be call that but should be thanking, The Most High God For living to see that age and more. We hear the younger generation calling their parents in the 30's old, which is crazy and I was a grandmother in my 30's. I was not ready but I give thanks to Our Father in Heaven. Shalom.

  7. Brother Watchman and Sister Deborah, what a wonderful lesson today. So glad my mother and grandma taught us to respect others. I am really enjoying all of your studies. Y’all are always on fire 🔥. Have a blessed week. 🙏🏾

  8. The definitions of role-models and inspirational people need to be reestablished. They are often used interchangeably, but are two different things.For the most part, only parents should model the various roles a young person will face, like responsibility, honesty, and dependability. Not a pop-star or athlete. But, those may INSPIRE someone to play that sport or become an entertainer.

  9. Family, this message is on point for me and my family. Over the weekend, we provided a family intervention for one of our own who is in need of help physically, mentally, and spiritually. It was a battle. Please pray for me and our loved one that he will hearken to the voice of ancient wisdom in the mouths of our elders by the Spirit of the Most High. Yah bless you.

  10. Hi Watchman. I do not have any fear for my mother but only my father and I only honour my father but not my mother. My mother doesn't seek after righteousness and is carnal. However, my father honours Yah and is led by Yah in the paths of righteousness and so am I and my brothers are led by me and my father. My father lives abroad but calls everyday and I keep him up to date with everything and we have a very close relationship but me and my mother have none at all and I do not try to bring up a conversation with her or try to befriend her. One day she wanted me to zip her mini dress which showed lots of cleaveage and I refused and rebuked the dress and took my little brother who is 4 and covered his eyes so he would not see the abomination. I dress in only dresses and skirts which are knee length and longer and I cover my head most of the day not that I am married or not virgin but because I pray most of the day. My mother is modern woman and has no regard for Yah in her ways and since she has talking to her venomous sister she has been more polluted by her snaky attitude. HER SISTER HAS BEEN TRYING TO RUIN HER AND TURN HER INTO AN AHAB JEZABEL! Nobody in my mum's immediate family is married with kids. My mum's sister has 1 son but the father left her. The sister has been having an evil eye towards my mum and my dad's relationship and since my mum has refused to listen to my dad's instruction and talk to her sister more my dad and mum are no longer together as my mum has been saying she doesn't want to be with my dad no more and my dad has been trying to maintain peace and a family structure for me and my siblings his best but it is a 2 people's effort. My mum has refused my dad's calls or my dad talking to my little brother and the only source of contact with me, my siblings and my dad is through my phone and laptop. My dad said my mum was righteous as in that he was the first man she ever had and that she also distanced herself from her sister for some time but ever since 1st lockdown she ended up opening that communication line again with sister who took advantage on my mum's mental instability and her wanting to have a break from work and rest. Her sister is not a mother and a hell-bent sluggard witch faggot serpent Yah reproach and is prideful in wickedness and left her son for time with my grandma to do prostitution and when my dad found out he told my mum but my mum didn't want to believe it. The same sister that was found smoking, drinks too much (no self-control), was caught with no money living in a house no food or blinds but bed sheets! She has been evil from beginning. I have always had a Zeal for Yah from beginning and knew I was an Israelite from the tribe of Yahudah (Judah) from around age of 10/11 and this is only because of my father. I honour my father but do not honour my mother and I do not know how to find in my spirit to since there is no connection or fear that I have for my mother since she is worldly and she is also confused (double-minded). She doesn’t know the Bible and I have heard her speak badly about me saying I am too extreme in my walk with Yah just because I reject anything not of Yah and I am reallys erious about doing Yah’s will and getting knowledge and understanding and seeking after the Truth. I also do not participate in Christmas and Easter.  
    Sorry this message is really lengthy but what is your advice for me on how to deal with my mother?

  11. Respectfully you guys are wrong. Open rebuke is better than secret love. It is self serving to say that you should never disagree with an elder when you are an elder. You have to be respectful in how you tell them. The Most High was younger than the religious leaders when he was here and he rebuked them. Plus Daniel was young when he rebuked the people. When you put yourself on an open platform where you can reach many than your rebuke will be in the open. So the people can see everything, Peace.


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