Distress of Nations, Confusion & Perplexity in the End Times

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Comment (19)

  1. Mark Britt
    Shalom family; Noticing many stores in the DC metro area have many holes on the shelves. Costco in Brandywine, Md does not have any chicken products today, just beef.

  2. It’s crazy y’all talk ab zombies, i been having dreams about them!! As well as watching videos! Also, a couple years back I would dream ab them constantly and the military trying to get me to take a vaccine. I remember I resisted and my teacher helped me and he said “I should’ve never taken it”. This was around 4-5 years ago

  3. Amein Brother, people so tune up for foolish thing's and don't take time to be preparing for what's coming untill it co.e, then they get in fear, and all stress out, and panic and then have to be admitted in these Hospitals then the Doctors will say it's COVID, that's where Satan and his Children trap people, stop being in fear and scare, praying keep me from being in fear and scare, i might get a little nerves, cause i'm human, then i shake it off with prayer

  4. I had a dream this am about the end times , it looked like the pic in the beginning. There was no authority over us we were all surviving on our own. I was quite peaceful and covered once I found a dwelling place for me and my family . 🙏🏾🙏🏾

  5. They need to turn that GOD and JESUS and LORD loose and come to YAHUAH our Alayim and his Son YAHUSHUA HaMashyiah

  6. It's a split in my family because they don't belive what's going on now some people in my family got the shot and some are not getting it and I keep telling them it's not going back to normal it's going to get worse but ain't nobody paying attention and I'm telling my family to stock up but I can't keep arguing with them I have to get my house together and get my breast plate on and wear YAH like a garment it's alot to take in but I believe and it's not a joke it's time to seperate myself from them and keep it moving

  7. I was reading some comments on last night, and in their comment's they say they have already seen purple lights in the light poles on the street, and they was saying that they are putting up purple lights to spot people who got the jabs and the one's who didn't, the one's who got the jabs if they go under those kind of light's it will glow on them, like Christmas light's

  8. Probably for graves, to throw the dead in, the way they killing people, cause other graves are full, and they also buy all that land to put underground Gulitone for them to live in to

  9. Well I'm in Detroit and some stores the shelves are becoming empty People are having fun like nothing is coming like I've been to family gatherings but I look at them like do ya'll even know people are shopping and it's not for food it's things that don't matter I'm scared I'm telling my daughter now we need to stock up she may not get an apartment I don't want her to because she will be living alone but people better waaaaake up it's scary

  10. I saw those plastic coffins myself! They looked out of place and there was miles of them lined and and piled up high a dark grey or black color inside some random land that said no trespassing out here in California where I live. Man and I saw it about 5-7 yrs ago as well!
    Starting to make sense and let me tell you gave me the weirdest vibe

  11. Ironic Watchman said treat it like a “ship” we’re suppose to be on …….Noah’s Ark.? Wow. Keep praying without ceasing , stay in Yah’s path…..His grace and mercy …..YAHUAH show mercy for His name’s sake….


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