Dividing of Soul and Spirit

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Comment (39)

  1. Please stop taking baking soda. Change to an alkaline lifestyle. Research Dr. Sebi. Sea Moss have 92 minerals in it. It's great to eat daily.

  2. Praise YAH, Great Lesson Very Informative, And Beautiful Talented Artists In The Family, Bless You All, And YAH'S Protection Over Your Household, Todah Family For Sharing Truth And Knowledge.

  3. All Praise To The Most High!! Thank you, Elders, for this Feeding!! This was good and I'm feeling Spiritually full (smiling happily). It feels good when I Spiritually Connect to the teachings of The Word!!

  4. My two youngest children are musicians. They play the drums very well. My oldest has been writing a book, draws cartoons, and designs dresses. I want to encourage parents to find their children’s talents and let them flourish in it. Keep them busy. These broadcasts have been a blessing to our family. I learned so much from this subject even though I’ve heard and read all the scriptures mentioned. Blessings to you all.

  5. I thank Yah for using you both to speak this word. I just finished watching this video today and it has really touch me deeply. I have a question, are you all still selling those necklaces you are wearing and do you all have a email where you can be reached?

  6. I find it hard to believe that the girl licking the ice cream is going viral but the white guy eating the soup out of the buffet at a grocery store was looked over like it was nothing. ..I wonder was it because she was of a darker complexion

  7. Your children need to record the intro that is a very Powerful song All Praise to The Most High Yah

  8. I wish that at the bottom of lesson you had the scriptures that you’re starting from
    I write down as fast as I can but I get too excited, and I have to roll you back

  9. I'm not putting nothing past anybody.

    There were cases in my country where people went into surgery for very simple procedures and never came out alive. Many people speculated that there were corrupt surgeons who where part of an organ transplant cartel.

    Your brother did the right thing.

  10. This video sure was a blessing!! Thanks to y’all and the Most High Father!!! It opened my eyes and cut through my soul. It made me aware of how I should be going about life and how to walk in the spirit and not in the flesh. I feel like I have been walking in my flesh.

  11. My cat listen to your music , when your children are singing on my phone, there voice are so beautiful. Can yall make a music cd, i will buy it from you as soon you put it together. Thank you for you service.

  12. I love the dissonance in the harmony of the way they sing. Very unique and unusual. It's like I'm listening to music from another planet.

  13. I love how he said when u are spiritually dead your no different from a dog or a cat. I have ALWAYS said the same thing! I habe always called the flesh, ' The Animal Self".

  14. I Loved this lesson, & the cherry on top at end. You have a remarkably talented family, and I appreciate you sharing the Beauty with us. Thank you & Thank TMH Yahawah for you.

  15. Thank you for the teaching, well said . I'm so glade I found your ministry. Your children singing and arts are beautiful. Peace and love to you and your family.


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