Divorcing Christianity, embracing truth.

Divorcing Christianity, embracing truth.

Why did you leave Christianity?

same old sermon

Was you relationship base on your religion or with the most high?

Come out of her my people

How to deal with people that think you’re crazy? Old church family

Did any of the apostles ask us to be Christians?

First steps:

1. forget about what you have learned and start from scratch
Matthew 15:1-9, Proverbs 16:25, Jeremiah 4:3, 4. Renew the mind, question everything you thought you knew

2. Get to working
work out…Philippians 2:12, Study…2 Timothy 2:15, nurture seed,

3. Don’t through the baby out with the bath water
Remember what you received, leaving a bad relationship, Praise and worship

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  1. I've been to many Christian churches and value the introduction to The Most High; received the Gift of the Holy Spirit as evidenced by the speaking of tongues before I was 20 years old. The last couple of years I've not been attending church and have prayed for direction… HalleluYah! He is faithful even to those born in a Gentile nation… I'm thankful for this new view of the Truth. I found no Christian church that wasn't leaning towards apostasy – i had no idea the truth would be so all encompassing and clear in scope.

  2. Im happy I didnt grow up in church. Thats one thing I can say, my parents didnt force religion on us. (3 siblings). Praise Yahuah, Ive always read and searched scripture on my own. I read a line that said "they should all proclaim my name tbroughout the nations, THE LORD THY GOD" lol. My young mind said wtf lol, thats not a name. I asked our heavenly father his name to the point of tears at one point because the translation had cheated me . He lead me to the names tried by fire,Yahuah and Yahusha, Praise Yah!!! I debunked them all but YAH remained one . I Love yall, this is how SCRIPTURE should be taught. Lead our people back to his Laws statutes and commands. He who teaches not thiis, is the same as a Liar and a thief. Continue you family!!

  3. sounds ike a doctors office.and the doctor says he cant help you like perfers thaat you go away and dont bug the doctor .does the doctor expect me to die? i dont a doctor that cant help me . i need some one that can help me

  4. my fathers side of the family told me back in old world europe some churches in old world europe some churches had ther own symphony and philharmonic orchestras

  5. now i can see tthings so much more clearly. churches should be delivering the true word of yah not providing entertanment thats what the windsor symphony orchestra is for fine enterttanment.the real and true church of yah should deliver the true word of yah

  6. the windsor symphony orchestra is fine entertanment .but fine entertanment and the church of yah should be seperate

  7. you will never find the real yah and yahoushwa in religon because the true yah and yahoushwa are not in religon so dont try to find yah and yahoushawa in religon because you will never ever find the real yah and yahshouwa are not in religon

  8. yah is no religon . yah is not any religon . yah has no religon .so my question is why should we should be any religon because is no reliigon

  9. I await YAHUAH my FATHER my CREATOR to see fit to place me among my brothers and the grafted in whom truly love and serve and do his will with all thine might! In the name of the Only Begotten SON I speak this I meditate on this and I pray this🗣 halleluyah and all praises to you the MOST HIGH!!!!!!!!

  10. It was a routine holidays and tell day before yesterday said do not pick up the old man go for it to the new Yahweh

  11. Brother just wanted to give you a scripture to help in your lessons and teachings. Not sure if your aware of it. 1 Corinthians 11: 4. All love. Love you and your wife's lessons!!!

  12. God told me to come out and people keep saying the devil must have told me to and I recently had some man come up to me while my friend was about to read the bile and said I need to be in the church I asked him who sent him, he stalled and then said with a loud voice God sent me lol then he said you think I got up out my sleep for nothing, so long story short I went and prayed to seek God to see if this is true or not ,and if not to remove him when I came back he was gathering his items then he proceeded to curse me saying if I don't get back into church I'm in disobedience, and more bad things would happen to me and my friend and I rebuked him and he left.

  13. Christianity is a lie or else the original "Christians" wouldn't be trying to get rid of it. I have a lot to learn of our original Hebrew beliefs and culture and I am more than willing to do so. Shalom

  14. If an christian divorces christianity, what then do we call ourselves? My daughter turned me on to your channel and since I took to watching Watchman Report my mind has not only been blown but, it made me realize that I had already read some of that, plus I had for a long time wished that I was a Jew. Somewhat shamefully because of the fact that I thought I was a gentile and that Yah had a special people even though He created us all. I felt bad and, jealous.but now watching your videos the tables have turned. Now I'm More interested in learning more. It is Glory of God to conceal a matter and, the honor of kings to search a thing out. Proverbs 25 : 2 watchman and,or Deborah if by chance you get to see this comment Please email me at pookiedebor@yahoo.com. Keep the truth coming we need truth Watchman. Praise Yah!

  15. SHALOM sister and Brother bless you for the word. And. The truth….. I am new to The Hebrew Israelites Teachings and I give thanks that my eyes håve been open to the realt truth and who I am.. I have stopped going to church for a few years now but I have been in limbo since now.


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