Do All Autistic People Think The Same? | Spectrum

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  1. We learned so much making this episode of Spectrum! What was your favorite moment of the episode?

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    In our approach to developing ideas for the first drop of 2020, we wanted to dig just a bit deeper into topics of empathy in relation to our everyday lives. This collection explores judgement and how often we try to make sense of others at a surface level. As we endlessly scroll past the faces and lives of others, we forget the complexities behind the people. Keep searching beyond the surface, stay curious + embrace empathy.

  2. Anyone else crying? Just me? 🥺 recently diagnosed with ADHD and now looking into autism. I'll be 30 years old in November. 30 years I've dealt with this. The ages 8 to 20 being the worst. I've never felt more heard then when I hear people speak about nuerodivergencies. 😭

  3. I just want to say this video has inspired me to seek out my own diagnosis. And not only did I find out I am autistic, but I have depression and social anxiety as secondaries lol. Also that the 3 often go along with a diagnosis in autism.

  4. I can’t imagine what Joseph’s going through, the idea of being non verbal seems crazy to me. His comment about his body and mind being against each other put it into context, I hope he’s doing well.

  5. Alot of these people seem younger, being a bit older i can say it can get better with age but you gotta put yourself out there, itll feel like 2 steps forward 1 step back, but from what i learned is these traits can be honed to be masterclass. These people can be insanely powerful figures, the guy that makes friends everywhere is a prime example of this manifesting. It hella sucks at first, like reallly really sucks, but thru time and a bit of challenge these people can be a Force

  6. i have question for nonverbal people (hopefully this isnt offensive) some of you use other stuff to talk, like Joseph, some don’t talk at all. i was wondering why non verbal people like Joseph use other stuff and don’t just speak? i really hope this isn’t offensive

  7. I did a questionnaire type autism assessment, it wasnt a proper one. in my head everything was a yes but when school was asked if I had and habits like constantly fidgeting with a blanket, how and why would they know that. I hid everything. every question was a yes in my brain but on the outside it looked like it was all no's. I asked if I could be put on a proper assessment waiting list and they said they would but they lied. i waited for an assessment that wasnt even happening so I lost trust but I still feel like I may have austism

  8. "everyone's a little autistic" isn't just mean, but it's also wrong? like neurotypical and neurodivergent people's brains literally function differently. that's why it's called the autism SPECTRUM

  9. I can see why Chris has a hard timing getting a diagnosis. From the DSM it is very limited in scope I feel as someone who wouldn't qualify because it states you must have "Persistent deficits in social communication and social interaction across multiple contexts". I don't think I would fit that because I'm able to adapt to fit the environment quite well, I hated elementary and high school because I felt like I couldn't be myself and I had to fit in, I was hyper aware. I didn't even realize I had some of the traits like idiosyncratic phrases until my girlfriend told me I repeat things I just said to other people under my breath after I'm done having a conversation with them. I'm ritualistic in the sense that I do the same things everyday around the same time but it's not like I have to have a certain food every day or something so I'm not sure where I stand. I count the stairs when I go up them despite living in the same house for 10 years. I have no idea if I would get diagnosed, like Chris it probably depends on the psychologist.

  10. as someone who suspects they have autism & has talked to other people with autism who said i show a possibility for being autistic, since i cant actually access professional help as a minor and have been struggling to understand myself & my symptoms more, this was eye opening

  11. Why is no one talking about Christopher, he came to the shoot with social phobia and managed to speak to others and has one of the most heart compelling stories on how he can’t get diagnosed.

  12. Did I understand well, the girl with makeup said that she had to teach her therapists on what autism is and when they tell her that she is not autistic it's so frustrating?

  13. My sister didn't get diagnosed with asperger syndrome when she was 13 and it helped us understand how she was and we love her how she is but I will say people are not nice with there words and I wish people will understand how amazing she is and can be. Would never change her. I love my sister

  14. No not all autistic people think the same. There are diffrent levels to the spectrum. There are some non verbal and some with social anxiety and some who are more social and high functioning and you would asume that they are nerotipical when they are autistic. As an aitistic myself I can relate to the girl with the plaid skirt.


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