Do you really know the Scriptures?

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Comment (21)

  1. You all don't kno the REAL names in the BIBLE has been changed to made up F*CKERY all think ABRAHAM is the father of many nations…but not TRUE….yall gotta wake up

  2. Yah! Please Let me and my family be counted Worthy for your kingdom and for The Escape of this wicked planet🙏🏿🙏🏿

  3. Sister Deborah Yah! Thanks 🙏🏾 so much for your testimony about your father. I can definitely relate! Brother Yahu, thanks so much for your testimony as well! You submitting to the will of your mother has truly blessed your life!!!!

  4. ❤Abba Yah Father Yah keep us In Mercy we pray In Yahusha our Lord And Saviour And our King we Trust Amen 🙏❤💕

  5. The history of who wrote the scriptures we know, we also know who created us, Our Mothers, the Creator is a black woman, who gives us out consciousness of right and wrong

  6. Are u all still keeping Gregory Sabbath… You know that the beast do not care about you all.. Because you all are not really set apart.. You all disappoint me, to a point..WATCH MAN who gave you that name I wonder??? Saturday Sabbath is on Gregory calendar..
    Fix the nonsense that you all are doing before it get to late ..You both are sounding #false… You all are doing exactly what the beast expect you to do.. In keeping those days that are not ordained by Yahuah….

  7. Truth is truth and it is to be spoken as it is written……
    I thank The Almighty Yah for His guiding me to be able to study with others that seek The Truth of the scripture as it is written for us and for the other nations whether favourable or not. As the Word says so it is. As you stated unfortunately our own, especially christians deny the truth of the word as it is written and are quicker to believe for all nations than to acknowledge their heritage. In fact they usually deny their heritage, don’t consider it or pass it by as Old Testament…..APTTMH for those of Yah’s chosen that seek The Truth that enlightens, guides, corrects, reveals and puts in order

  8. Yes my great uncle told me that nothing was going to go right for me and that my family( my husband and our children) were going to be cursed until we come to church and paid our tithes and I openly rebuked him in the name of Yah and he went to church and told everyone that certain young folk were dabbling in witchcraft and no weapon formed against him shall prosper and he covered and he not worried about no witchcraft I laughed to myself because after he said that nothing was going to go right for me he ended up in the hospital and I laughed because of the live and what he was saying not because he ended up in the hospital. So yes you do have to be very careful of the words that you speak in your life and against others.


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