Does our ministry have a 501c3? The new sin in Israel

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  1. I thank you for your transparency. Please don't waste your time dealing with foolish people. You know that the enemy seeks to kill and destroy your ministry and work through whomever will let. Be blessed forever family.

  2. You shouldnt have to explain anything to anyone. Yah is the only one you have to give account to. it's ashamed it has to come to this.

  3. I understand that it is important to counter Satan's lies against your ministry – but if it were up to me (and I know it isn't), I would have simply shown them 'the hand' with "NO 501c3" written on it. Stay strong, Family and may TMH Yah continue to bless and keep you.

  4. Todah Abba YAH for this video brethren, because some idiot made the comment on the other video that you guy's had it. which as you said, if you did, SO WHAT!? The sad part about his accusation is that the video was about bearing false witness, and this asshat gets on the video and does just that!!! I have a long way to go with keeping my anger in check when dealing with such people, but you guy's are blessed and highly favored to have such a meek spirit. Pastor Dowell would have been ready to put boot to ass for the disrespect these people show. shalom family, we love you all and are looking forward to the gathering

  5. I hope that you all are rejoicing!!!!! That you are under attack for doing Kingdom work!!!!! Building treasures in heave, keep up the good works so that it may glorify your father in heaven!!!

  6. No Weapon that is formed against me shall Prosper. And every t0ngue that rises up against me Yah shall condemn! We can do all things through the Mashiah that strengthen me. If Yah is for us who can be against us? I am STRONG and Fearless in Yah, I am STRONG and very Courageous! We have the VICTORY MISHPACHA!! One Love 💜

  7. False prophets lurking this channel like crazy. It's always the Sam 14 or 13 dislikes. Sad people have their own brothers and sisters.

  8. Guys, you don't even have to BLESS fools with any response! You two do an AMAZING job! Keep up the GREAT work of TMH.

  9. Liars will not escape dealing with the children of the Most High Power Creator of all creations… period… it's better to not teach them or deal with them, especially concerning His truth… I encourage repentance and correction in this matter… ty

  10. Shalom Bro Yahu and Sis Deborah! Just asking a question, no malice intended I am just genuinely curious as I've heard some pastors say that obtaining a 501 3c means that you would have to abide by government rules and regulations which include at the bequest of the government, supplying them with a contact list of members to your organization, which is why some Pastors avoid the 501 3c. I am aware as you stated that you will have to abide by the government rules and therefore may not be able to speak freely but my question is are you aware of this rule on the government provided 501 3c also being a tool to get the information of members of that belong to that organization?

  11. Shalom Ach Watchman, and Achot DebYah. I know why yall are doing these videos. Yes, I believe explaining this is futile, however, I know our NOT ALL OUR PPL are thorough researchers – so you all are being patient. Thank you. None of us have any more slandering than a comment on YT, You two are being attacked publicly, and happen to be public figures. "EXPOSING WATCHMAN YAHU" is a popular tag right now and thirsty folks need views – to become better Pharisees (needing followers of man). It reminds me of o how Whites, developed and spread Christianity to the masses – Not in truth, so as to create true converts, but by rape , pillage and murder to force conversions and add to the numbers/armies and territories acquired. I and my family are praying Yah silences these adders and asps to show that He is still here, His Word nvr fails and that there is reward/protection in righteous living. Shalom – Bro Matityahu from DC

  12. why dont nobody here say anything to them for banging on other Israelites but y'all call everybody else wicked for getting on them thats hyper hypocritical and u mean to tell me everybody that says anything against these people are lying but they are always telling the truth? I find it very hard to believe that everyone is just lying out of nowhere especially people who actually lived them and not one of the people who defends anything they do or say has not even met these people before u all think people in camps blindly follow so what are you doing then smh

  13. how can we get to your teaching in order ,I found you not to long a ago but your all over the place .what can I do

  14. YAH said people don't want to know the truth are hear the the truth so no matter what you all said some people won't like you all.I don't listen to mankind anymore I pray and asked my Universe and I get my answer..praying and fasting you get all the answer but we oeople need to come out of this darkness to know the truth .we lost like our Ancestors but many of us came to light..
    Many people might not like what you all preach because they AFRAID of the truth ..Keep up the good work Shalom!!

  15. So in one breath y'all are saying that a group can be controlled and censored by a 501c3 status but then you say what's the big deal? Well what if a person doesn't want to be involved with an organization that is censored? That's the big deal!

  16. I can tell you're not 501c3 by the doctrines you teach… the 501c3 is a big deal because your ministry is not yours, it's the government's and you have to teach whatever they allow you. That's not a good thing.

  17. so y'all teach people who they are and the laws, statues and commandments even telling them their still slaves right?. so are you a slave or are you free?

  18. It is a BIG DEAL because it is GOVERNMENT WELFARE. And the GOVERNMENT CENSORS WHAT YOU SAY. Why is she talking so arrogantly about it, I smell a rat. Everything that glitters is not gold an not real folks. Seek God about people. Fast and pray and God will reveal the TRUTH about everything and everybody you hang your beliefs on. TRUST GOD and not MAN.

  19. YAH please protect and bless this family as the spokes family you have destined them from the foundation of this world to be.. Let No plan hinder them Praise YAH


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