Does Satan have a seat at your table?

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  1. No one would believe that on the 6th day, our family was singing "He's Real" and I thought how much I miss hearing your children singing on Shabbat. Truly, it is Yahuah's good pleasure to give us the kingdom. And today I hear them sing. My soul is rejoicing. Yahuah speaks and hears the petitions of His children's hearts!馃挐

  2. Jezebel is prime example, she called the shots and her husband let Satan have authority over him.

    Eve was the head, Adam allowed Satan to sit at his table instead of Yah… etc etc

  3. I love how you brought up the story about Abraham, he knew the voice of his head even though Satan tempted him three times so Abraham knew the voice of the Most High Yah and the voice of Satan…

  4. please provide SCRIPTURE not attributed to paul that says men have AUTHORITY over women… thanks…

  5. Just like I ask Yahuah to make me His Will I also know Yahuah knows how to contact me to deliver a message. I pray for my adult children and they live states away and I know Yahuah's Will is Always delivered and I dont need to intervene. YAHUAH drives me through life because He Wrote this story and I'm clueless and will only get us lost and crash. HalleluYah Barach Yahuah for his Word is Truth and Never changes

  6. Sister can you teach your children to sing THERES A SWEET SWEET SPIRIT IN THIS PLACE I try to sing it, and need the correct WORDS where they belong…many time I know the SPIRIT is here, yet need to use the correct WORDS…馃尵馃崌馃馃悜鈾ワ笍

  7. To the law and to the testimony, if they speak not according to this WORD it is because there is no light in them!鈾ワ笍馃敟

  8. The sound of praise is none like, what beautiful praise to Yah! Blessings to your house. Shabbat Shalom Yah leadership

  9. Shalom馃馃馃 This message was definitely needed馃馃檹馃従馃檹馃従馃檹馃従

  10. Shalom Family !
    That鈥檚 an absolute fact!!! These kids today are truly monsters !!!! Unfortunately our young men and women are truly lost!馃槥

  11. You want to show them but they don鈥檛 want to listen to anything people who are in the truth has to say ! They鈥檇 rather listen to the wickedness of other nations and spirits!

  12. Yes great word. The old prophet was testing the younger prophet by God whether he would hearken unto the voice of Yah, but it was a test that he did not pass and the reins of his heart was tried, and as you mentioned Deborrah, he failed miserably and it cost him his life. Its a lesson to us all as servants of Yah & children of the most high, if God speaks a word or directive to us we best find ourselves obeying and following it or the consequences can be detrimental. Ive learned this four years ago the hard way, same thing ac鈥漰rophet鈥 of Yah came unto me with a 鈥 thus said the Lord鈥 prophecy, lets just say aa myriad of bad things happen thereafter for listening to the woman prophet.. Follow God and him alone, so perils like this bible scripture ( and what me & my children went through doesn鈥檛 befall you…


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