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  1. Thank you Mom and Pop for this awesome lesson!! I love you all, have a blessed and wonderful week, tell my brother and sisters I love them.

  2. This is a powerful message and teaching. Thank you so much for your transparency in your own self examination and correction when you discussed about the language and Name "game." This has helped me greatly today to trust the Most High to continually guide us into His truth as He reveals. As a so called P.K. I am grateful and thankful that He has counted me worthy to be awaken and on this path of Truth!!! All glory, praise and honor to the Most High! — Shabbat Shalom Family.

  3. Hello your family is wonderful I listen all the time, but not my husband he is not in the walk of yah and he won't listen to me. We have three children and I'm scared what should I do

  4. Shabbat Shalom. Yes! For many years I use to say "I am my worse enemy". I happy the Most High has been working on those areas in my life. Halleluyah

  5. I'm from river rouge my family is still there me and family moved about 5 m ago when I moved thats when he sent me to your channel I'm so thankful that's how I knew he was talking to me. Thank you all for what you all are doing.

  6. Great lesson! I really appreciate you guys for teaching the truth. I pray you guys stay strong in this truth, continue to allow the ruach to work in you!

  7. Awesome broadcast miss the live stream earlier had to go out and get a prescription for a cough I been battling over a week.

  8. PRINCE………….is a poor example of someone SELLING THEIR SOUL! PRINCE GOT CAUGHT UP IN THE MESS! P. was a MUSICAL genius he did not need to sell his soul! He should used Rhianna! Jay z! nikki minaj! lady gaga! those so called non genius performers WHO OPENLY TELL YOU………..Yes my god is satan! IF ANY THING PRINCE WAS EXPOSING THE INDUSTRY AND HELPING OTHERS TO GET OUT!

  9. Thank you!
    The ultimate realization is Kepha was correct to begin with when answering Yahusha ha Mahssyah, saying 'You are the Mahssyah, Son of YHWH AHLOHYM.'
    Until shortly after that, when Kepha began rebuking Yahusha; because Yahusha began to tell them all about His suffering and death that must happen.

    However, it is almost certain that Kepha had read and knew the Scripture prophecies that revealed things about the future life, suffering, and death that would happen to Yahusha ha Mahssyah.
    So why did Kepha rebuke the Truth, even though Kepha knew better?

    Kepha neglected to keep his mind stayed on the Word of YHWH that he already knew. Kepha succumbed to his misguided emotions in that moment; because he did not want anything to happen to Yahusha ha Mahssyah.
    When if Kepha had restrained and controlled his emotions, by keeping and bringing to memory the prophetic Word of YHWH that he knew. Kepha could have and would have agreed with Yahusha ha Mahssyah about the coming fate that Yahusha was to encounter; in agreement with YHWH's Word given through HIS prophets.

    Something like:
    "Oh yeah! Oops!… I knew that already, because it is written in the Law and the Prophets. I'm sorry for speaking against the Truth. But in the moment, I was temporarily overcome with emotion; because I love You Master and I could not bear the thought of any harm being done to You. Please forgive me Yahusha!

    Our lesson: We must be careful to keep our mind stayed on AHLOHYM and let HIS Words of Truth guide us constantly: Believe and have faith: Hallelu-YAH! Hosanna to AHLOHYM in the Highest! Ahmen!

  10. That's why we all must be slow to speak and think about what we're saying and teaching so we be sure were always in harmony with the scriptures and Yah's will!!! I can attest to that!!! Shabbat Shalom 🤗

  11. Yes, HalleluYah…stuff has to die in our lives because as the Scripture says, the cares of this world /life will choke out the Word / voice of the MOST HIGH YAH, and our affection will be set on things of the flesh and not on spiritual matters. So, thankyou Ach and Achoti for another ON POINT lesson from the mouth of the Ruach to those of us who love YAH, love our mispacha and hearken to the voice of our Father. I appreciate and love you both so much! Mispacha…united in YAH, united in love!

  12. I appreciate hearing the crying. It keeps in perspective that you are still people too…and the way you handle it is example. Even though we do things with decency and in order, one day that baby will praise!!

  13. honestly i lost my faith in YAH a long time ago cause he always persecuting me faster, worse, and before everybody for no reason i ain't asking for no richest he constantly looks down at my environment n he just sit on his butt all day everyday but yet when somebody ask him for something he flipping off his throne in less than 2 seconds i need a job cause i can't be stealing my whole life he complain about thieves through out the bible thou shall not steal but thats how i survive he want me to starve to death n i'm not doing i had put my trust in him prayed more than everybody but YAH didn't answer like he always do NOTHING for me I don't know why I'm a sinner like everybody i'm a grown ass man n can't provide for my self but he love and protects other people n not me also that's one lil thing I ask for i don't wanna be rich i just want to provide so i can stop stealing.

  14. Thank Yah for TRUTH and not compromising of the word of Yah. Be encouraged, for your labor of love is not in vain Shalom.

  15. I love watching y'all..but I feel u haven't quite got the whole story on hell. I encourage u to continue to study. But the word makes it quite clear that hell is real yes..but no one burns forever. But instead they will be burned up. When the young man asked what does hell Gain? The truth is nothing. But Satan gains more lost souls in his war against . Remember Lucifers goal is to show Yah people only love Him for their own personal reasons and gains. If Satan can add to his numbers..thats the gain. Yah wants to save everyone thats why he sent His son to show us the way, to give us aid and direction against the enemy. We are caught up in a "Cosmic War" and our very souls are at stake and under attack. The doctrine of a soul burning for eternity is false. They are burned up..eternally lost. Yah is merciful, why would HE let a soul burn forever? This is clear in the scriptures.

  16. "Do not treasure up for you treasures on the earth, where moth and rust cause to corrupt, and where thieves dig through and steal. But treasure up for you treasures in Heaven, where neither moth nor rust cause to corrupt, and where thieves do not dig through and steal."

  17. HalleluYahuah aunty an uncle great word! & all praises to The Most High Yah for allowing you to dispense his warm tough love & truth through your teachings! 🙌🏾 May The Most High Yah's shalom be with you an the family each & everyday according to his perfect will. Appreciate u dearly 💞

  18. Thank You for this beautiful lesson. Prayers needed. I am a liver transplant patients and my meds I am taking is affecting my kidneys.


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