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  1. Shalom yes this is true the most high wants us to give him are undivided attention as much as we are able to on the Shabbat. This is the time we are to set aside special time with worshipping, praying, and reading of the word. When we engage in our own pleasures we are giving ourselves attention and not The Heavenly Father.

  2. Thank you for bringing the truth. Please tell me, what bible do you use? I'm looking for the right bible containing the correct words of YAH.

  3. Thank you so much for the bible information. May The Almighty YAHUAH continue to bless you, family and your ministry.

  4. Shalom Brother,

    I thank Yah that he has encouraged you to do this lesson. I been having a hard time to keep my sabbath. But even though I live in Germany and it's 6 hours time difference I see myself up many nights and watching the lessons you upload and it brings me closer to yah.

    Glory be to Yah

    YAh bless your family

  5. Sometimes I fast from shabbatt morn until sundown. I make a few mistakes once in awhile, But yahawahshi knows I try to keep it correct. Maybe thats why I stay blessed up. I pray on the things I have to work on. Shalom".

  6. Great video, I do this to the Best of my Ability, Not because I should or have to but because I Love too, it's like you said Watchman it's Joyful to do. Thanks

  7. I am a single parent o 3 small boys.  I am a Sabbath Keeper.  My situation is I feel I need my boys in sports.  Boys are active and I can't have there mind idol or trouble will follow.  I notice that football practice and the games are all on the Sabbath during the entire season.  My church does not have anything for the children.  My boys are bored.  Please help me to make a decision on how I can keep the Sabbath, but also take care of my boys to be participants in sports activities as well.  I will wait on your response Shalom.

  8. I am about to get a job in truck driving. I am preying to the heavenly father that he will bless my truck company which is Scheinder National to allow me to shut down on the Sabbaths.

  9. A couple of months ago at my previous job I told my boss that I can no longer work the Sabbath(Fri-Sunset to Sat-Sunset). Living in Vegas the Sabbath period is a big time for business but by law my previous job couldnt deny my request to have the Sabbath off. Ever since I was granted the Sabbath off my coworkers and manager started acting funny towards me because they felt like it was unfair that I had Friday and Saturday off when everyone else had to work those days. Keep in mind three of my coworkers were jews and deep down I knew they already didnt like me because I am an outspoken Hebrew Israelite.

    After awhile I realized how hostile things started to become at work, so I decided it was best if I try to find a new job that will be ok with giving me the Sabbath day off. I honestly didnt think a job in Vegas that I wanted would be ok with giving me the Sabbath off but I thought I would try because things were getting too hostile at my previous job. At that point I was willing to take a downgrade in pay or position somewhere else if they would be ok with me having The Sabbath off.

    Then one day I got called for an interview. I was nervous because not only was it a good job that I wanted but Im a good interviewer so I was confident I would get the job. The only concern I had was bringing up having The Sabbath off. Sure enough the interview went by smooth until the interviewer asked the big question, "Whats your availability?" And I started to say I have open availability because I wanted the job but then I realized I'd rather not get the job by asking for the Sabbath off then to take the job and work the Sabbath and willingly disrespect The Most High.

    So I told the interviewer I can't work The Sabbath. And she gave me that look like that was a deal breaker. Then she asked what day is the Sabbath. And I told her the Sabbath was from Friday-sunset to Saturday-sunset so I would need Friday and Saturday off. Then shockingly she breathed a sigh of relief because the position she was hiring for was going to have Fridays and Saturdays off already and she thought I was going to say Sunday because thats the day they would need all of their employees the most.

    When she said that I thought in my head no way was this a coincidence. After the interview she then went on to offer me the job. And I left that interview so happy not because I got a good job that would be ok with letting me get The Sabbath off but I was because I showed my loyalty to The Most High without folding under pressure because three days before that interview when I got called to schedule the interview I contemplated those entire three days leading up to my interview on if I should ask for the Sabbath off or not. All praise to The Most High!

  10. Thank you! That shade a lot of light to me regarding Shabbat. Relating it to psalm 37 was even more exciting!
    Which bible version can I purchase that use the name Yah and Yeshua?

  11. I understand…I understand… before I would try to devote the sabbath to study something about Gods word..and I would try not to leave the house to do things…I would try to take it easy that day and rest more.. but I would still surf the internet playing some of my games or watch some sports on tv….but this video showed me that I could do much more in service to our God then I had been doing…this day belongs to him…I could do all those others things i like to do 6 days of the week..but the Sabbath is he's day to study his word and prayer and meditation on his word….I've learn something today…I could do better…this has reshape my thinking of this day…God has bless me many times and brought peace into my life..and it's only right that I give him one day to thank him for it…I'm going to try to change how I viewed this day and give more to him… my eyes have been open a little more about him… because I didn't know better…. and I thank the Watchman and God for showing me that I could do a little better for the love of my God… thank you

  12. Just Shut that Day ( Sabbath) Down Like Trump shutting the Government down. Shabbat no pleasures, no work , just Praise Yah , Word Studying, Honoring the Day of rest commenrating the Day of Yah after His Works creating the Earth Shabbat

  13. I have heard others explaining that that particular verse in Isaiah is in reference to the day of atonement , and not the weekly sabbath

  14. I know everyone loves a good Bar b Q but is that like a burnt offering to YAH knowing that our body is his temple which is where he dwells?

  15. Did it take time to break away from your pleasures to delight yourself on the Sabbath in the word of yah

  16. I did not know that, but I have noticed that I really enjoy learning about The Most High on Shabbat and I have noticed an increased level of my personal contentment; and The Most High is clearly acknowledging and granting my prayers.

    1. Lev. 23:3 The HebrewWord Sabbath/HolyConvocation Means The 7thDay Which Is The 1stSabbath Of The 1stMonth/#LuniSolarCalendar. Weekday Names Are Roman & Rome Is The BEAST In Scripture. So, We Ask The 7thDay From What? The 7thDay From The 1stDay Of The 1stMonth/Nisan/Mid-March To Mid-April.

    2. Lev. 23:5-7 PassoverDay Is Sabbath When MESSIAH Was Crucified/Observe HolyConvocation On 2ndSabbath, 14thDay Of Nisan. The 15thDay At Evening Is FeastOfUnleavenedBread=7Days. Ex. 12:18 In Nisan, On The 14thDay/2ndSabbath At Evening, You Shall Eat UnleavenedBread Until The 21st Of Nisan Evening.

    3. The FeastOfWeeks Counts 7Sabbaths(50Days/Shavuot; TheWheatHarvest/CountingOfTheOmer) After PassoverDay/Crucification Is 1stOmer & Tells Us How To Count In Lev. 23:10-16 That A Sheaf Of 1stFruits Will Be Waved Before TMH The Day After Sabbath/OmerDay1 & On That Day, A Lamb(MESSIAH)w/Out BLEMISH Will Be Sacrificed. OmerDay7 Lands On The 3rdSabbath Of The HebrewYear & Is The 1stSabbath Of The FeastOfWeeks Which Lasts From Passover To Shavuot. The WheatHarvest Is 50Days From Passover In Nisan In The NorthernHemisphere & 7thMonth/Tishrei In The SouthernHemisphere Based On The NewMoon(1stVisibleCrescent Or 1stDayOfHebrewNewYear In Nisan Which Varies Yrly)w/A 3Day Window.

    Day 1 Is Day After Passover.
    Day 7 Is 1stSabbath..
    Day 14 Is 2ndSabbath..
    Day 21 Is 3rdSabbath..
    Day 28 Is 4thSabbath..
    Day 35 Is 5thSabbath..
    Day 42 Is 6thSabbath..
    Day 49 Is 7thSabbath..
    Day 50 Is Shavuot, WheatHARVEST.

    Ex. 16:29 Don't Go Out Of Their Place On That Day.
    Ex. 31:14,15 Says Anyone Who Does, Will Die. Knowing FeastDays/HolyDays Are Prophecies/Future, This Indicates Something Dire May Occur On A Sabbath.
    According To Prophecy Book, Jer. 17:27 "But If You Will Not Harken Unto Me To Hallow Sabbath & Not To Bear A Burden, Even Entering In At Gates Of Jerusalem On Sabbath; Then Will I Kindle A Fire In The Gates Thereof & It Shall Devour Palaces Of Jerusalem & It Shall Not Be Quenched".

    The Final BURNING OF BABYLON At The END Of Tribulation(1260Days ie 3.5Yrs)May Also Be Represented By The "BurntOffering" That'll Occur On Sabbath, Ezek. 46:12. MESSIAH Says In Matt. 24:21 Those In Judea/Babylon Should Pray Their Flight Does NOT Occur On Sabbath. The Flight(NotOnSabbath)Of Those In Judea After The AbominationOfDesolation Stands In The HolyPlace & Starts The GreatTribulation Which Does NOT Refer To The Escape Of The Multitude Who Will NOT Be Burned. But, Occurs POST Tribulation. The Abomination Occurred In 685CE, Dan. 11. The Tribulation Represents A 1260Yrs Period Ending Now…In Other Words, It's Not Referring To Falling Of The Stars ie AsteroidImpact/PlanetX/Nibiru/NuclearBlast Which Is The Final BURNING OF BABYLON That Could Occur On Sabbath After Tribulation!

  18. Brother PLEASE do a full Sabbath review of this!!! I’m about to shout from this 10 minute clip, and I’ve repeated it 3xs. It’s like I don’t want you to stop.

  19. Shalom Mr. Watchman I just learned the word PLEASURE on Isaiah 58:13 has been misinterpreted. YAHWEH is reffering; handling or doing your own business, work. Verse 3 tells us that "pleasure" is also referring to "work" they were oppressing all the workers on the day of Atonement. No where in the torah forbids us from enjoying with the family playing games, spending pleasure times with them. The Sabbath is all about resting, and not doing any work. Most of biblical versions says "pleasure" while others says "business". In My Spanish bible versions they all say "business". But verse 3 is the KEY that YAHWEH is talking about WORK, BUSINESS, LABOR. Let me know if Im missing anything please Shalom.

  20. Are u serious kick back watchn tv on a Sabbath after u fellowship with YAH clean tv show s a sin r u serious I'm really wonder about that the old sayn a idle mind s a devil workshop so watchn a clean tv show on sabbath s sin I'm havn a hard time believing that

  21. Shalom Watchman! Beautifully stated and your honest transparency is evident. Thank you for sharing this video- Zimrä Yah🪴(melodie)


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