Doing wickedness with the Most High’s Permission?

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  2. It is INCONCEIVABLE for one to believe, think, or feel that His Majesty THE ANCIENT OF DAYS would greenlight Wickedness and cosign it at that!? Seriously??? Surely, He is NOT mocked and to TRY HIS PATIENCE will prove to be Futile BOTH sooner & later…My My


  3. Will I go to hell for wearing pants?? Even if I keep all the biblical holidays plus the rest of the commandments

  4. Abba Yah the match maker 🖤🙌🏾 blessings to you and your family. Thanks for taking time from your family to teach us !

  5. Hi my name is Zion I’m 16 I’m still a baby in the truth I was wondering if you guys had Instagram or Facebook so I can get more info from you both I really wanna learn more and get better understanding from the Bible I’m gradually coming along but I need a little extra help can y’all help me ?

  6. O African peoples black peoples it is you alone that the almighty lord speaks in you calling Isreal it is you Jacob it is you the peoples of God, that we speak in the holy writings of the Bible, from jubilee to the writings of henock the first prophet who began writing, if you doubt read Jeremie 30 that put down, you will see to which peoples the lord speaks , read the Bible again fully put black peoples in place of Israel or Jacob you will see yourself halleluyah halleluyah halleluyah the father loves the truth nothing but the truth

    Read the Bible to see why covid-19 today is other things that must happen for the total liberation of the African peoples

    Jeremiah 30

    1The word that was addressed to Jeremiah on be part of the Lord, in these words: 2Ain speaks the Lord, the God of Israel: Write in a book all the words I have said to you. 3Here, the days come, said the Lord, where I will bring back the captives of my people of Israel and Judah, said the Lord; I will bring them back to the land I gave to their fathers, and they will own it.

    4These are the words that the Lord uttered on Israel and Judah.

    5Ainsi speaks the Lord: We hear cries of dread; It is fear, it is not peace.

    6 Get informed, and see if a male is born! Why do I see all men with their hands on their kidneys, like a woman in labor? Why did all faces turn pale?

    7Malheur! for this day is great; There has been no such thing. It is a time of anguish for Jacob; But it will be delivered.

    8On that day, said the Lord of the Armies, I will break his yoke from above your neck, I will sever your bonds, and strangers will no longer subject you. 9 They will serve the Lord, their God, and David, their king, whom I will arouse to them.

    10 And you, my servant Jacob, do not fear, said the Lord; Don't be afraid, Israel! For I will deliver you from the distant land, I will deliver your posterity from the land where it is captive; Jacob will return, he will enjoy rest and tranquillity, and there will be no one to disturb him.

    11Scar I am with you, said the Lord, to deliver you; I will annihilate all the nations among which I have dispersed you, but you will not annihilate you; I will chastise you fairly, I cannot let you go unpunished.

    12Sain speaks the Lord: Your wound is severe, Your wound is painful.

    13Onul does not defend your cause, to bandage your wound; You have no cure, no means of healing.

    14All those who loved you forget you, None cares about you; For I have struck you as striking an enemy, I have punished you with violence, because of the multitude of your iniquities, from the great number of your sins.

    15Why complain about your injury, the pain that your pain causes? It is because of the multitude of your iniquities, Of the great number of your sins, that I have made you suffer these things.

    16 However, all those who devour you will be devoured, and all your enemies, all, will go into captivity; Those who strip you will be robbed, and I will abandon to plunder all those who plunder you.

    17But I will heal you, I will heal your wounds, Say the Lord. For they call you the repelled, This Zion of which no one cares.

    18Ainsi speaks the Lord: Behold, I bring back the captives of Jacob's tents, I have compassion from his dwellings; The city will be rebuilt on its ruins, the palace will be restored as it was.

    19Fed in their midst will rise acts of grace and cries of rejoicing; I will multiply them, and they will not diminish; I will honor them, and they will not be despised.

    20 Sons will be as before, His assembly will remain before me, and I will punish all his oppressors.

    21His chief will be pulled from his womb, His dominator will come out of the midst of him; I will bring him closer, and he will come to me; For who would dare to approach me on his own? Says the Lord.

    22You will be my people, and I will be your God.

    23Here, the storm of the Lord, the fury breaks out, The storm rushes, It melts on the heads of the wicked.

    24The burning wrath of the Lord will not subside, until he has accomplished, executed the purposes of his heart. You'll understand it in the future.

  7. Teeeach my wise brother and sister! Teach the word of Yah for those with eyes to see and ears to hear! I thank the Father for His judgements against me. I know I am better because He loved me enough to whoop me!

  8. The Induction

    May 2020

    A rumor in the land the angels report.

    Jeremiah 50 and 51

    There are many Christians who are inducted by the elites and don't even realize it. The psyche of the inducted is programmed, recorded and monitored. A disciple of God has the most powerful weapon no creature under heaven can match and that is the power of the Holy Spirit of God, the truth, His word, and the presence of His love.

    At private schools, the top students attend a convocation where they are given nullification. There a rules in place to keep nullification from endangering others. At the convocation, they are baptized and inducted.

    Please be aware of the Order and the elite's agenda to corrupt the population by creating a false god that will appear to them. If suddenly one day this "god" comes to you, unless you are keeping the Royal law, God's feast days, dietary law, and Sabbath day, your eternal soul will go into perdition forever. The elites know who you are and are trying to corrupt you. Please stay strong in Christ Jesus and do not forget the Bible. God is a spirit and those who worship Him must worship Him in spirit and in truth. The spirit is not always heard, sometimes it is a feeling you have. True prophets of God like Ezekiel have tasted literal honey when they read the word and accept HIs Holy Spirit, a warmth that fills your whole body with the angel felt next to you. The Hebrew people are the closest spiritually to the living God. He knows those who are His and established an everlasting covenant with His beloved people.

    The true Hebrews are the African Americans, Native Americans, those still in Africa along the west coast, Congo, Bantu, the Caribbean ect. They were scattered to the four corners of heaven. Any Gentile can be grafted into the covenant when they begin to keep His laws. Timothy was a beloved son in the faith and his name is written in heaven now.

    The large hadron collider CERN is responsible for the thinning/lifting of the veil across the world. The elites want to release the adversary into the world. Nullification can also corrupt the bones of the deceased. Trust in God and He will deliver you.

    Revelation 1:7

    7 Behold, he cometh with clouds; and every eye shall see him, and they also which pierced him: and all kindreds of the earth shall wail because of him. Even so, Amen.

    The Bacterium

    Sometime in the future most likely, the CDC will release bacterium into the air. Even now the Covid vaccines may contain a prototype of this virus. The vaccine is creating Manchurian candidates who will when the demons or aliens come, begin to worship/ lose their humanity. Do not donate your blood, the doctors are taking the samples form the population to research facilities to discover who is Hebrew and can overcome the vaccination. The vaccines contain strains similar to the rabies vaccine. Indestructibles are those who when exposed, have developed/transitioned from human to demon. Each person becomes susceptible to the adversary and can become a host for the "aliens".

  9. You Covered So Much In This Teaching I’m glad I found this channel cause it’s so much things I have related to this topic & he open my eyes now I really see I’m yahs child because of the chastisement he laid on me when I was younger and even now I Pray That He Keep Giving me wisdom on how not to fall in his wrath again and now you told me how I Love You Two 💯💙 PraiseYah 🙏🏽

  10. OK I'm learning so what happens if you didn't know how serious YAH'S words and laws are like myself I repent I know but I'm woke to the knowledge of YAH and step by step I'm coming out of the flesh I don't eat pork I don't do anything on the Sabbath no seafood I'm learning about my head being covered no sex no celebrating holidays I'm trying to stop smoking marijuana I drink wine I have church at home these churches are wicked please help me move forward

  11. HalleluYah…..The meat of the scriptures and a witness to an extremely long going weakness in myself that I addressed once again today the message being directly at the precise moment as Abba Yah designed it to be in my being weeks behind in watching this. It is this depth that I’ve always been waiting to be addressed as to me it is these bypassed substances that is key to our unravelling to truth.
    Examine thyself!!!!……. & so much more……
    We are going to reap what we sow…& put through fire to see if we are gold……..The Most High knows ALL things and will do as He wilts……..APTHMHY
    He’s allowed me to go through trial after trial for years, stripped me and made me so busy with have to’s that a moment to be with self without distraction is like heaven. Our riches are within.
    May He continue to bless you in your genuine search for the root


  13. That was an awesome lesson. And for me it was confirmation for the Most high revealed certain situations that is and was surrounding my family. But as it was mentioned we must be still and let Yah. Because we don't want to go against Yah's permissive will and injure ourselves. Thank you both for being a tool and a vessel Yahuah uses. Many blessings to your family.


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