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Donald Trump may be out of the White House but the 45th American president is hardly ever out of the news and this time around he has a message for Vladimir Putin he’s seeking the Russian President’s help.

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Comment (27)

  1. I bet what happened was the deal with Moscow fell thru, hence why Moscow's mayors wife, that gave them money, is a widow now. Putin caught them. Then Russia finding out about the "labs" in Ukraine, funded by American cronies (Biden), seized a facility near Mariupol before the war broke out. Since we can't know all of what is happening there, they may have targeted any buildings or people working for U.S. Also probably seized the Biden's account there. It seems Putin pissed off Joe Biden more then anyone else. He's the only one not calling for peace and is just war hungry right now to be a democrat it seems personal.

  2. Oh yes a comment about putin knowing something. Is the same as Trump asking a favour of putin 😂😂😂


  4. Hunter Biden won't be charged as long as his father is president. The power of the presidency together with money will do the job of protecting him.

  5. There were no dealings! The only one “dealing” with Putin is Trump himself. Check out the whole interview as usual he has shown the whole world that he is in the pocket of Putins regime and the banks in Russia and this is just another attempt to change the narrative’s concerning his criminal activities both State and Federal.

  6. “trump’s brazen request to putin“ trump obviously doesn’t watch the news, otherwise he would know that putin and the russian army are way too busy annihilating Ukrainian children and families.

  7. Why do the police department use jail house snitches if evidence about criminal activity is not refused based on who has the information on the crime being investigated? So why is Info on Hunter Biden limited to approved people only? WTF

  8. Think this actually shows what the problem with the politics of Trump. He goes after an agenda no matter who's involved and at what ever cost. One minute he saying he would teach Putin a lesson about the invasion of Ukraine next minute asking him for favours for his political agenda.

  9. President Trump did nothing wrong. He's a private citizen and former President. Trump can always ask Putin to end this war. If it works that would be a good thing.

  10. Why wouldn't he ask biden and the democrats have spied on him lied about him committed treason against him and america so why not ask putin for the dirt he definitely has but didn't use now biden is taking sides in Ukraine (rightly so) putin might just hand it over LETS GO BRANDON

  11. The Democrats and everyone on the Dem'Wagon (🤣) will DO EVERYTHING within their power to keep Don Trump from running in the next Prez' elections…🤔 which makes me wonder, even if for whatever reason they keep him from running, could he ACTUALLY win if the people vote for him???🤔…


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