Donald Trump: the truth about why he was elected.

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  1. When we repent should we realize the true language of our people since there were no Js back then, There was no John,Jacob, Jesus, So what name should we use really?

  2. Trayvon’s Father is a high level Mason. They sacrificed their son for fame, political office opportunities, and in service to agenda of the so called elite. I can’t trust anything of mainstream media.

  3. The clock started ticking in real time in 1945. The last great war the west would win was waged to maintain the English Crown, thus the Roman empire still reing. Korea was a stalmate, Viet Nam a total loss, Grenada and Panama total jokes. US saved the oil for the west with Iraq 1 and Iraq.2, Afghan a so called war on terror, still no real victory , no glory. China became to big to fail, but the CCP remain in charge, the first indication that greed was the elephant in the room. We can no longer feed the military industrial complex. For a few years there will be only small wars that no one will pay any attention to. WW 3 Wii be.up on us before we realize it, we won't expect it. Every Hi-Tech nation will suffer a nuclear hit. It will be labeled a limited nuclear war. A truce will be called,talks will fail, more nuclear (limited) strikes. Then Enter the creator

  4. What a laugh you people think your lsrael..True white Israel is taking up their rightful place. You are truly ignorant idiots.

  5. I finally have peace about this…I rest in YAHWEH. All of the horror we have been through as black people and still go through….I have peace knowing who I am and where I come from. Nobody and nothing in this doomed world can consume me any longer. If Yah is for you, who can be against you? Greater is he that is in me than he that is in the world. I give praise to the Most High…YAHWEH.

  6. He has empowered racist because his father Satan has empowered him. How do you think he was able to recover from the Covid Plague, Satan is his master. Believe it my people. "Let he who has eyes see and he that has ears hear. Yah is revealing all.

  7. yes brother watchman are 1oo percent correct any time one vote for these people what ever they do whether spilling blood stealing robbing nations you are being held accountable in heaven trust all that blood and crimes are on your hands also

  8. what is unbelivable is the true israelites can read our book in deuteronomy the 17 th chapter and the 14 verse and still go put their signature on these people its just crazy but the mostb high has something coming up for them that do this

  9. well the answert to how lomg we have left can be found in ezekiel the 4th chapter but the scripture say this might be cut short pay close attention to the mathematics give in that chapter

  10. Michell Obama wore a little black dress with the arms uncovered and evangelicals had a Redd Foxx heart attack; Donald Trump's wife is given the appearance of total nakedness and you hear nothing but crickets. I am truly grateful for this particular election cycle, because it has answered all questions I had concerning evangelical Christians. I tried for years not to be judgmental of these people, because I was still searching my own christianity, and thought all believers were brothers and sisters, but what I've found,is that they have completely corrupted the spiritual laws that govern all we believe in.

  11. Let's not forget that scriptures tells us they hold perpetual hatred in thier hearts towards us Jacob's descendants, who are called by our Father's name & by Yah, are called Israel., meaning you are the Isrealites, the people of the holy Bible. Psalm 83 tells us who our enemies are…Esau, edom being our arch enemy.

  12. They the wicked roam the earth creating chaos and confusion for some people, then turn around and declare they have the solution to the problem they create, but we have to always remember, that they are NOT our saviour, we should not look to them for helping us, Yah is our saviour , not man, the created problem of the plandemic, does not mean their solution of toxic vaccines, should be taken by the 'black nation', a vaccine provided by our enemy, given to the people hated by he enemy. Yah told us not to trust them, not to take any 'gift' from them the wicked.

  13. I needed this conversation. I have never voted because of my teachings and beliefs but it has definitely given me more clarity. Thank you.

  14. You are right….I believe that as well…🤔 these people are trying to push a race war…to destroy American people…👿

  15. The reason Donald Trump was elected President was to move the US embassy to Jerusalem. No other President had the nerve to do it. The US has a small roll to play during the final days and this move was undoubtably important.


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