Don’t be deceived by signs, wonders and miracles. Re-upload 2017

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Comment (17)

  1. do these signs include numbers that are recurring? they correspond with certain dates that were bad for me, i want to believe that they mean nothing and that it’s just a test of Faith but i do need help Family. this has been going on for over a year.

  2. In the days when the city buses and I guess the school buses were being blown up in Israel I felt really bad for those people the Israel people because I was in the Christian church and I was believing anyway there was always this one question in my mind always heard that when the true people of God were back in Israel there would be peace but there was not anyway YAH woke me up HalleluYAH

  3. That’s right! I grew up out of Catholicism into eastern (Taoism/Hinduism/Zoroastrianism) into Islam. Up out of Islam into Christianity. Back to New Age then to this. The Father plucked me right out of New Age and catapulted me hundreds of miles away into solitude to purge and then my husband appeared. I’ve learned them all from the inside out….. the scriptures scream bold uninhibited complete truth. It’s simple. Yah’s authority and mastery are apparent. I’ve spent a decade diligently seeking. It was valuable to learn the lies from the inside out because now I hear a lie from a hundred miles away. I can hear something so nice and sounds so true but then the Holy Ghost drops a scripture in my heart which totally invalidates it. That’s a gift I’m so grateful for— being able to recall scripture to invalidate smooth lies

  4. It goes deeper than that too. If we keep those two laws alone (love Yah and love your neighbor as yourself) people also wouldn’t be manipulative, sarcastic, flattering, self centered. They wouldn’t even put their FEARS first. So many arguments would never happen if people didn’t jump impulsively on the first feeling or fear they come across… loving Yah and our neighbors if done perfectly fulfills every law at the deepest level. Do not kill is more than murder. It’s even hating them. I think it even means being cruel. To kill means the mind heart and body…. Being mentally abusive I would say is also murder. There’s so many levels.

  5. These miracles are cellphones, tvs, cars, planes, and other devices. Its time we all wake up and walk away from this system of living.

  6. Speaking of signs and wonders… I am reminded of Israel exiting Egypt.. how the court magians tasked the most high until they invoked the wrath of the pass over.
    But think of the technology that exists today, just 50years ago who could have known the "artificial intelligence"was even a consideration? Now then, what of the NEXT half century? Self driving cars and the like. Faith is not measured by things seen by the eyes but by things unseen.
    THANK YOU Again for renewal of my FAITH and may Yah continue to bless your works .may Yah grant you peace ✌️❤️
    Yahushua came to fullfil the law, indicating that even when the " word became flesh"no one was "completely" fulfilling the "LAW".


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