Dr. Admits He DlSLIKES BIacks – Stay out of Hospitals & Trust Yah

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Comment (37)

  1. It just get me when he says "inappropriate stuff I'm not proud of" that a load of bs. If he wasn't caught he be doing alot more

  2. Trust the most high….what? I’m so too many just say that. You mean trust in the Lord and Savior JESUS the Christ right?

  3. Right from the beginning this demonic person said Christians are the bottom feeders so ………..we know he doesn’t believe in JESUS and what is going to happen to him when he steps into eternity. This is what reprobated men and women act like. If you are not born again and have confessed that Jesus is Lord you are just as much demonic and evil as this guy is. Pride comes before a fall. It is funny that when white people think they are better than us….something is wrong but when we think we are better than another race……how is that different? The devil has yall thinking your okay. REPENT

  4. Customer service: 1 (713) 222-2273

    CEO: Charles (Chuck) D. Stokes (Jun 2017–)

    Headquarters: Houston, TX

    Canadians are called African Americans, Friends using the same terminology, Team Health, Dr. Mike Heaman, Dr. Jordan Smith, Dr. Gary Horn. Call Texas Medical Board and National Cert of Physicians asst. and have them removed.


  6. Too bad the Rothschild controlled news doesn't report the whites killed by blacks everyday & the 85,000 whites killed in South Africa.

  7. First of all who told black people were Hebrews? Everybody dark skinned is not from the twelve tribes of Israel. Two, MY PEOPLE ARE NOT JUST AFRICANS, BUT ALL THE PEOPLE GOD HAS MADE ARE MY PEOPLE!! ONLY RACIST PEOPLE SAY THE WORDS "MY PEOPLE!" THREE, BLACK PEOPLE CAN TALK ABOUT BEING UNFAIR WHEN THEY STOP KILLING EACH OTHER!! Some of us AFRICANS love to point fingers at the white people trying to get the attention off themselves while killing each other. Do racism exist? Absolutely!! In all races. READ THE BIBLE AND SEE HOW GOD LOOKS AND FEEL ABOUT ALL THESE DEMONIC ACTS AND THOUGHTS THAT WILL KEEP YOU OUT OF HEAVEN.

  8. The Bottom Line Is That This World Is Ruled By The Luceriferians The Purest Evil And Wicked Ones. It's All About Money And Power And Has Always Been The Worship Their God Very Much So (In God We Trust) And It Is On The Money At That A Pyramid And A Eye Basically Saying I Have My Eye On Who Are The Ones Climbing Up To The Top. Remember European People Have Been Doing Scientific Experiments On Jews,Indians,Mexicans,Africans Etc And Even Now In 2019 Organ Harvesting Is Still A Ongoing Rise And Even Throughought The U.S. I Know The Leaders Of The World Are Highly Aware Of What's Going On. God Children The War Is Here And We Are In War Zone Ephesians 6:10 And Revelations If It Not Already Here It Is Very Close The World May Change But That King James Holy Bible Remains And Stays The Same God Children Stay Constant In God Word And Stay Loyal To It And Pray And Be Alert And Aware Of The Evil Wicked And Evil Schemes Like The Car Mirrors Say Caution Cars May Be Closer Than Appear Well Take Those Words To Heart And Name Say Caution Enemy The Evil And Wicked Is A Lot Closer Than It Appears. I Will Be Praying And Fighting Until Father Comes Back Or I Be Called Home Until Then I Pray You And Your Family Are Fully Protected In The Name Of Heaven Father Who Is My Christmas And Savior In Jesus Name Amen God Bless You🙏🙏🙏

  9. I cant wait til this kingdom crumble…however I dont want to be alive when it happens,, though I have a feeling I will be smh I'm 26

  10. Absolutely unacceptable!!!!He is in the hot seat now & saying he is not proud of what he said only because he was caught. Bravo to the person who turned him in. Btw he is not a doctor, he is a physician’s assistant. However, he has broad direct patient care duties. The moment he & his other racist friends started describing &!talking about their patients in any environment other than a collaborative patient care setting they all broke HIPPA law & should have been fired. His racist remarks should have also gotten him fired, because his comments certainly prove he is prejudiced against many classes of ppl. He knows fully well that all professional health care licensing & certification organizations consider it a breach of professional ethics to disparage any patient or colleague in a derogatory way. They would take action against his license or ability to work. The fact that the hospital failed to suspend or fire him pending investigation speaks volumes as to their true feelings about the people’s offended by this poor example of a man & his collaborators. Minorities should boycott this hospital & demand his release from employment. It is such a betrayal for a health practitioner to have this degree of racism & still be allowed to provide substandard care to ppl he doesn’t care for personally. We all know this is not an isolated incident, but it should be weeded out wherever it is found; if not by the employer, than by the patients involved & their community. Suing the hospital is 1 such way.

  11. Doctors are very intelligent people. Some use their intelligence, stubborness and pride to do whatever they chose to do, irrespective of morals or concern of others emotions or safety.

  12. I think the best advice is before you get sick find a good doctor one who you can trust, have him/her as your primary physician, let him advise you on good hospitals and other medical advice and stick with him. There are good and evil people everywhere it's foolish to throw out the birth water and the baby. I'm a doctor in Kenya and we have good and bad doctor in my country too. Also medical tourism is an option Cuban doctors have a good reputation.
    If you must go to the hospital and you don't trust the hospital or the doctor, go with someone a friend or a relative. It tells the hospital that people care about you so if something bad happens your people may sue.

  13. Devils will be always be devils .That's why I took courses in Nutrition / Anatomy and physiology so I can help my self and others.

  14. All respect to you both
    Your well research
    With all this truth
    Rosewood Black Wall Street
    Daily terrorism from ws

    Why don't you advocate for Bantu Hebrews in USA to leave
    When you cannot access health
    Your food source water education your vernable young
    Afriad to send to school
    Are we so accomatized
    To argue to Remain rather then flee
    That's what the awakening is about get out of USA Europe UK Canada Australia New Zealand South America carribeans and go to zion Africa.
    The able go now prepare for others
    To flee

    Realistically wake up its. Not logical or sustainable to stay surrounded and out numbered

    Let's unite forgive one another
    Return to the laws and commandments and use platforms like y9to organise Exdous remove the fear of joining hands with brothers and sisters on the contient who were enslaved on the contient and heal together to build a safe secure Africa with a new leadership we all have to togther as on people.
    Unite or die or live in fear

    Yahsua said love Yah and love one another
    Without this
    Africa will suffer but as Africa our mother suffers so do all her children all over the world
    Let's go and love build mama Africa and Yah will bless bless and bless all of our people
    Brothers and sisters wake wake up
    This is the land of captivity
    When Yahsua parents were told to Flee it mentally spiritualiy financially and then physically left for safety.
    Moses fleeing Exdous was a spiritual awakening mental spiritual financial then physically leaving Egypt.
    Ezra again was an awakening mentally spiritualiy Hebrew Bantus returning to Yah financially and physically leaving
    Yah knows who is ready and able to leave now to prepare the way
    Yahwe is needing those pioneers nowto buy land start mining farming producing products manfacturing build roads bridges more schools dams energy renewable banks It expertise
    Creating jobs opportunities for people on the contient and returnees
    Let's put our. Efforts to save ourselves our children and people scattered to all 4 corners of the planet.
    Africa is our land of milk and honey
    All other races see and exploit it while her children suffer
    Times up Claim your rightful heritage
    Praise Yah Aulelluyah AulelluYah praise Yahwe
    Thank Thank you
    Brother and sister Debryah and brother watcman
    This comes with love and respect to you and the most high
    Will create jobs for africians

  15. Let's open our own hospitals and make it affordable for our people we have so many black doctors let's go private where we can donate to our own

  16. "But those things which proceed out of the mouth, come forth from the heart, and they defile the man. For out of the heart proceed evil thoughts"…. Matthew 15: 18_19, Cepher.
    Joking around, locker room talk. Is that going to be his answer to The Most High Yah, for every word will be accounted for on judgement day. All Praise Be To Abba Yah and Adonai Yahusha Ha Mashiach Halleluyah

  17. Ezekiel 35:5

    King James Version

    5 Because thou hast had a perpetual hatred, and hast shed the blood of the children of Israel by the force of the sword in the time of their calamity, in the time that their iniquity had an end:📖🙏🏾👑

  18. Psalm 55:21

    King James Version

    21 The words of his mouth were smoother than butter, but war was in his heart: his words were softer than oil, yet were they drawn swords.📖🙏🏾👑


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