Dr. Geordie Rose – Synthetic Minds, Cooperation & the Future of Humanity

Dr. Geordie Rose, founder of D-Wave – the world’s first quantum computing company, and Kindred – the world’s first robotics company, returns to ideacity to share his theory of understanding minds and how that is applied to AI, with the understanding that “every thought that a human has ever thought resides inside our mind.“ This talk will make you think.

Geordie founded D-Wave, the world’s first quantum computing company, and Kindred, the world’s first robotics company to use reinforcement learning in a production environment. He has sold quantum computers and robots that learn to Google, NASA, Lockheed Martin, The Gap, and several US government agencies. He has a PhD in theoretical physics from UBC, was a two-time Canadian national wrestling champion, was the 2010 NAGA world champion in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu in both gi and no-gi categories, was named the 2011 Canadian Innovator of the Year, was one of Foreign Policy Magazine’s 100 Leading Global Thinkers of 2013, and for a short time held the Guinness Book of World Records world record for the most yogurt eaten in one minute.

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  1. instead of spending billions on every child's development which provably the creative AND intelligent outcome would be so gigantic it is incalculable and unfathomable…but NO! they spend all the world's wealth on a toaster… isn't this fucking world wonderful? and if you root out one evil, some other unskilled dumbass evil will make life brutish and short… oh man the more things change the more they stay the same.

  2. He is so confused maybe he didn't really build this computer but hired someone else to do it or he's so possessed that he talks like he has no clue what he really made….or what the Demonic entity that inhabits him made ???

  3. Creepy stuff ! I love my fictional horror movies, its comedy compared to whats really going on …Maybe judgement day is near…
    Maybe one day the robots will take over and teach us a lesson on how to be good humans and stop destroying this planet….plus, we fight over a non essential ressource called money..how stupid lol

  4. Mindless folks in the audience taking notes on how to destroy themselves & the future of our children. Levels of insanity welcomed w/ cheers and applause.. Stupid humans….

  5. This isn’t “science”, this is religion and philosophy. Science is based on observation, not imagination and emotion. Dr. Rose is not being honest and transparent about where his ideas and “resources” really come from. If this stuff is so great, then why the double speak? Why take so much time and care to frame these ideas so specifically with emotional language? It’s not because he thinks we are incapable of understanding, it’s because he needs to manipulate and control the narrative by telling us a story to bypass our logical reasoning. Big red flag.

  6. … he had to mention the monarch butterfly off the start. "The theory of understanding minds"… Project Monarch sounds more and more relevant during this discussion. Creating quantum computers to creating AI to house it. Once you see, you can't un-see. It's blatant what is going on here.

  7. Mr. Rose you are dancing with the devil..
    I understand all the enthusiasm about science and that you are the one who can make such things work.. The fact is, that you could only get this far, because of growing up in a peacefull bubble. I was similar wanting to know our origins and how all things work, but outside such a bubble. I am sure that the first Religions, that came on our planet, were helping the first people to not have nightmares, of what they did to the neighbour tribe last week : "They are not like us and some bigger thing in that we believe and they didnt, will protect our minds from the daemons in our quantum operating minds.."
    In our modern world things are still working like that..
    You are creating a mind without such problems like feelings, responsibility, love, fear etc. in the hands of the most dangerous species in the universe

  8. Science and nature both are complimentary to God. And I know for certain that not every thought I have is mine. I am glad that I don't feel compelled to defend some of the things that pop up in my mind because I am positive that I am not the origin or creator of the thought. It is a blessing to be able to discern for myself which thoughts are my intent and which thoughts come from elsewhere (I don't claim to know the origin of the thoughts that aren't mine – all I know is that ain't my thought).

  9. And he talks about the goal of the game,. But it ain't about the game it aint about winning and it's not about a goal – for some of us it's just company and friends spending time doing a light hearted pastime together and enjoying that we are blessed to be doing just that. It's not the goal it's the journey

  10. This whole presentation reminds me that we are all together in this – even the ai. And I believe that we are all created by an all Powerful Creator. If God found me, God can find AI and bless this lesser creators creations as well.

  11. Hehe he said flagella. 😂🤣😂🤣. Dunno why that word makes me laff – I am not defending it. Flagella is a funny sounding conglomeration of consonants and vowels.
    Speaking of consonants and vowels – I looked into why ancient texts that are included in the Bible and religious papyrus and tablets were written with down the way they were and it led me to consonants and vowels and how the spoke word is created and it was eye opening and actually made alit of sense (to me at least). Just saying 😊

  12. This is not unlike algorithms. AND Since algorithms and ai and alien minds (from what he is saying) can choose to learn from us – then we best show up and treat our neighbors as if that is God. I mean actually see God in your fellow human and stop being so hateful in his name. stop judging and sowing inequality and treat everyone like you would if it was Jesus (cus technically it is because we are all one in Christ and His father is Our Father). Discern don't just illogically judge. and hopefully we can be a part of turning this around.


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