Durban floods: South Africa floods kill more than 300 with over 6000 houses damaged | Climate News

The death toll from the devastating floods that have hit Durban and its surrounding areas has now risen to over 300 With many people continuing to remain missing with over 6,000 houses damaged.

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Comment (42)

  1. The gov't will continue taking everyone's money and providing no services. No roading, no avaliable electricity, no drinking water.

  2. I live in durban it was to much rain if it hits100mm its dangerous and no system of drains and rivers can handle this was 307mm in 24hours more than what has ever been seen before in a short period of time😨

  3. Due to the economic crisis that always comes up 🇺🇸🇺🇸 the best thing to be on every wise individuals mind or list is to invest in different streams of income that's not depending on the government to create funds💰👍

  4. Let's be clear..people of so called white European s descent Caused global warming…yes I'm pointing the finger…its true and merely common sense to acknowledge it…and they claim to be the superior race!!! How tragically absurd..and they caused a worldwide diabetic crisis with so called process foods…its self evident…and theyre superior??? Blame the messenger…??😜😜😜

  5. If your a Jew or any denomination Christian and have personal relationship with Freemasonry your wrong! I mean, you can walk in a Mason shop and do business. But, if it’s food service be sure to leave atleast a 10% tip. Fair warning. They’ll go to War over a $20 battery getting damaged by accident…

  6. Read and understand the script properly journalist lady. Your report on the events was like watching paint dry

  7. People dancing and singing looking happy with no masks in sight as no one has the Con Virus is so beautiful. this is weather warfare at work. Poor people.

  8. Disasters like Floods, Earthquakes and War are fair issues- anyone can be a victim irrespective of your Identity, Race and Financial status! I hate and fear issues that only affect black people & poor people.

  9. This is crazy! Jesus showed me a vision which He told me to upload on my channel about upcoming floods! To warn His people! That was on 07/04/2022… I always document dates!!! We continue to stand steadfast in Jesus especially during these tough times and dark hour. MARANATHA 🙏🏻✝️🔥

  10. It hard…times …we running out of fuel, water and electricity challenge…it really is hard time. Thanks WIONfor covering the story…..siyabonga!

  11. Did you insure your stolen goods . Oh dear 😘 never mind . You can always take it back to the store . Try and get a refund😄

  12. Semoga Yang maha kuasa melindungi hamba-nya. Semoga banjir cepat surut. Ini video kami file untuk pelajaran bagi kami yang tinggal dekat 4 gunung dan dekat 3 Danau dan dekat 2 sungai besar diDesa Desa'polosok diBali Indonesia

  13. This wasn't common in southern Africa when I was growing up and I'm now nearly 50. Started about 3 years with Cyclone Idai affecteecring Zim, Malawi and Mozambique and now this.

    God help us all🥺😭😭😭

  14. Everyone needs salvation here are the words of salvation please forgive me jesus im a sinner come into my heart and save me from my sin I no that you are the savior and I no that you died for me on calvary and I no that God raise you from the dead and you are alive and I thankyou for your salvation in Jesus holy name amen and its important to always ask for forgiveness every night 🌙 ✨ 💖 ♥ 💕

  15. 😱😱😱🙏🙏🙏💪💪💪❤️🇯🇵 Nature is not dominated by mankind. Nature is borrowed from God. Mankind is kept alive by the benefits. Let's change our mind.
    Invictus ❢

  16. Unfortunately, the cataclysms will only increase. Scientists explain the reasons in the Global Crisis conference. This already concerns everyone as well as in the Global Crisis conference. Time for Truth. The worst thing is that people are suffering. There is an international project Creative Society. Thanks to it humanity will be able to survive.


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