Economic Crisis: Sri Lankan cabinet resigns en masse | Dr Aruna Kulatunga Exclusive | WION

The economic mismanagement is threatening the political stability of the Gotabaya Rajapaksa government. Sri Lanka’s entire cabinet has resigned from their posts, this is except the president Gotabaya Rajapaksa and PM Mahinda Rajapaksa amid the most painful economic downturn. For more on this we are joined by our correspondent Dasuni Ahauda and Dr Aruna Kulatunga, political analyst.

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Comment (43)

  1. for India it will be difficult to check on both sides one Sri Lanka and other is Pak. Even they provide aid in high inflation and other war aspects it will very difficult to manage.

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  3. This is nothing but to deceive the public at large and cover Rajapakse asses. We will continue our fight until the cursed family is driven out of Sri Lankan politics 🇱🇰.

  4. Island going cheap, knock down price, any takers?, cheap labour force, will work for a bowl of rice or less.

  5. 6:26… they cut him off when he suggested the President remains in power… WION is obviously canvassing for regime change in Sri Lanka….


  7. The politicians are thinking that they can fool people of Srilanka as if they aren't aware that this mass resignation is futile. What people need is steady supply of the basic necessities n not resignation drama.

  8. The time has come for the corrupt rajapaksa family to step down cos they made enough is enough for many of decendants to survive for a long long time. They r just useless lackey of china n a disgrace to the whole world.phissh. Instead of building a better nation for their people ,they simply suck dry their country and simply indulged in corruption at the expence n explioted their own people. Since after 74 years proven they cannot do their job well let other capable people take over. Immeduately step down before its too late n be it. ……frm stt

  9. Form a educated comitee. And recruit employers for each ministry. Give job to well educated and talented. Make elction period for 3 year. And minister job need to be reviewed every year like other professions. They should hv kpi. And basic salalry. Make all transaction in digital. Trace all deposit n implement minimum wage . Atleast ll start.

  10. A number of new ministers have been appointed as of posting this comment, And as everyone speculated, it is just a reshuffling of existing cabinet members. What a joke. The Rajapakshas are searching for quick solutions, but the public won't accept this BS. Not this time. The fight has been taken to the streets and it won't stop untill there is real change.

  11. All these years we Indians are introuble cause these lankans present previous post previous before yet not learned a lesson need a regime change get rid of these generic thugs

  12. For as long as Winston can recall, Oceania has been in a constant state of war – with whom it was at war is of neither importance nor consequence. – 1984

  13. We are not gonna settle for anything less than the whole government resigning including the president and all their property being taken into custody.

  14. It would be a disaster for the whole of the SRI LANKAN nation immediately and the long term prospects of the future and of its people unless the president and the prime minister are appointed in a caretaker role in govt and work in co operation with all the major and minor parties and leading figures in economics and finance to agree on a consensus on how to get this country out of the disastarious problems it is facing It is plainly obvious that the long standing problems that exist can not be found a solution by the present party The country needs to be united by a leader that has the experience and support of the people and businesses in SL and other willing nations that are sympathetic to SRI LANKAS future and growth not exploit it.SRI LANKA can be a great nation again with the cooperation of its true friends and a visionary leader and statesman to show how it is done .GOD BLESS ALL SRI LANKANS

  15. They’ve not resigned ! The letters were handed over to the P.M. saying that they are willing to resign, and the letter is not a legal document as the letter should be handed over to the President and he should accept!!

  16. There are people who can run the country. Viyath Maga was brought in by Gotabhaya Rajapakse but why they are not given power and position to implement their plans, or even hear them.

  17. All rajapakshas ministers shouldbe resigned without any delay and whoever going to get the govt then could run the govt without any Haphazerd.

  18. The arrogance and CLUELESSNESS of the government is absolutely DISGUSTING ‼️ It’s absolutely heartbreaking what this FAMILY (Rajapaksa’s) have done to Sri Lanka and it’s people. Every common person in Sri Lanka needs to get out and protest to get this FAMILY business to LEAVE the government! Power to the people of SL! The world is with you ‼️🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

  19. Sri Lankan oppositions leaders are greedy for power. They are running a huge campaign against the scapegoat and not the plandemic lock downs that destroyed the economy. Greedy opposition with the social media campaign funding of the global elites are provoking the people. That countries economy is suffering because they lost their major revenue tourism due to the evil lockdowns controlled by globalists. Protesting leaders are the greediest of all. They are going to sell that country to international corporations. This is an evil global agenda. People in that country has no damn clue of what's going on.

  20. Srilanka should merge with India with limited Autonomy ie,defence, finance, home and foreign ministry with the centre and rest of ministries with the local government . This will have two beneficial fallouts 1) Common srilankan nationals will made financially safe and stable
    2) Srilankans will be sheltered from predatory activities of China , making their life safe and secure.

  21. I know they will blame AMERICA soon… HOW a FAMILY can rule millions of people and even sold a PORT to china shows the people are SERIOUSLY WEAK


  23. Amend the Constitution to limit any political position to 10 years, cut off all the privileges of parliamentarians, reduce the pension to gratuity. Then you see who will come and serve the country.

  24. Years and years, decades and decades these evildoers cabinet ministers earned enough from commissioning, bribed and done all sorts of corruption. It is good they have resigned. I wish they should not come back to politics anymore. It is great. They all same most corrpted evildoers in our parliament. Great….great things to happen…..

  25. What is the use of changing Rajapaksa.
    They took loan with good intentions to develop Srilanka like Singapore after civil war in 2009.
    But, Singapore economic model is outdated & backfired. The money spent on the projects did not give returns. Loan interest increased.
    Now, Srilanka has to cut unnecessary import. Srilanka should Dissolve Army and take national security support from China or USA . Because, Srilankan do not like Indian Army.
    Bangladesh is growing because there is no defense spending.

  26. Aruna your idea of letting Gota to continue is absurd… He is totally clueless and dishonest to run a country.. Simply an egocentric idiot… Interim government without any Rajapakse on board will be a temporary solution until a fresh election is organized…If we are able to confiscate all illegally acquired properties by Rajapakse and their cronies and recover huge sums of money stolen so far , that will be a good move towards recovery….


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