Economic fall out of Russia-Ukraine war: World's top oil producer Indonesia bans palm oil exports

In what is said to be an economic fall out of the Russia-Ukraine war, World’s top oil producer Indonesia banned palm oil exports.

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Comment (41)

  1. Maybe it is time for Indonesia to find an alternative to the Swift dollar? China Yuan or Russian Ruble should be reasonable as they are closer to home and is within reach because of geography and local regions in South East Asia.

  2. The Indonesian government made the good decision, first, it is to control/regulate its domestic demands first, it is also to account the needs of its citizenry first, while it also realizes the areas for export improvisation, this way, it can also provide exports to countries that are in need at a projected time, since inventory system are important in any country, where demands and suppliers are at par with one another's standards and practices, attested by its private and public sectors for administration and coordination. SMEs…General practices/…/…/…//../logistics supervisors/branches-domestic inventories clerk/supervisors/officers and employees/overseas-regional/country managers for supplies coordination. Ptd/trademarks™ Copyrights© Registration/Registered/ Respectively:/…/…/…./G.M Industries.

  3. LOL hope all those Western countries who is against palm oil are now happy. You can start boiling all of your foods with water haha

  4. I am from Indonesia and this is true. In here eventhough we don't exports, the oil for cooking still all time high. We have demo each day last week for the price that increase 100%

  5. Repent to Jesus Christ
    “Jesus answered, “I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me.”
    ‭‭John‬ ‭14:6‬ ‭NIV‬‬

  6. A situation created by the evil Imperialism of America & it’s western Alliances…… let them bear the crunch of the effect!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Yeah, some Indonesia mafia hoard them and export them all to the point of there is scarcity inside the country.

    Some director and bussiness higher up end up in jail few days ago due to market manipulation.

  8. wrong title, the main reason Indonesia gov ban palm oil export because some stupid guys in Trade-Minister were indicated doing corruption (some authorities allow illegal export permission) that make Indonesia suffer of fry-oil scarcity and also make the price of fry-oil insanely expensive (in Indonesia), how come the no. 1 palm oil producer having fry-oil scarcity in it's own country…?.

  9. Russia had already banned whole log exports internationally before this whole mess. And stupid countries like New Zealand were happy about that, get to sell logs for cheap to China for them to make into thing and sell back to them facepalm. At least Russia was saying we will process our wood before selling

  10. Things will get very ugly this and next year. Libya and Egypt import more than half of their grain/wheat from Russia and Ukraine, think I saw close to 80% of egypt's population eats bread for up to 3 meals per day. Egypt's population is 100 million. Other north african countries also import grains from those 2 countries, numbers that are in the somewhere around quarter of their grain/wheat needs from those countries. Syria war and ensuing migrant crisis in europe have sprung alt right parties in europe and another migrant wave will probably give more life to those parties, thus forcing other parties to move to conservative side in order to hold power. While those countries can still buy russian grains/wheat, think it's fair to say large part if not most of ukraines crops will be gone this year and ukraine is top 3 grain/wheat exporter in the world. Other countries can grow more wheat over corn or soy but I haven't seen any news of that. When people in large groups are hungry, they take to the streets, those people often demand regime change, radical groups and movements tend to take hold.

  11. Don't worry about ransomware in America, worry about the fact that lzrge numbers of food processing and fertiliser plants are being destroyed … CIA maybe?




  13. I'm not Indonesian, for me if your suppy is short it's good decision to stop for meanwhile to export so that to support your own netizen

  14. Sanctions on Russia will affect food security and will hurt poorer countries, time to stop listening to the demands of the USA and its lap dogs in NATO!


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