Effects of opening doors to seducing spirits & doctrines of devils

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  1. I seen A article on twitter that said check the bananas you buy and don't buy eat the ones with red in the center because someone was injecting them with HIV. People pls be careful out there consuming perishable foods

  2. Watchman; Can you explain to me if Saul better known as Paul also if Cornelius in the Bible are Hebrew Israelites? If you already have a teaching on this please can you let me know I'm new to your Channel.

  3. Watchman I need some help. I need to find the True Bible. I get annoyed seeing the name Jesus 'now.'

  4. Hello brother and sister. Many scholars and archaeologists have finally admitted that we are the true children of Israel (Shem). American schools do not teach about our bondage prior to the year 1600. What a shame!

  5. They don't talk about how in biblical times we fled to Africa to escape the Roman Empire conflict. What a shame. It is my experience that in this day and age, it more important to become knowledgeable of the Torah and keep the Sabbath.

  6. During the life of Paul, All books were included in the Holy Bible. So Paul was well within rights when he told Timothy, “Study to shew thyself approved unto Elohym, a workman that need not be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth (2 Tim 2:15).” In this day and age, how is that possible? Having only 66 books in the Holy Bible is an automatic DECEPTION for ANY reader. Throughout the history of Christianity, many books have been removed from the Holy Bible. The Ethiopian Bible has only 80 books. By having all books of the Holy Bible, then (and only then) can we have a complete understanding on how to rightly divide the word of truth.

  7. Bible leaders also in incur a heavier spiritual blessing or penalty because of their ability to lead or mislead many followers.

  8. yes I know someone who is being pulled into starchildren and rainbow children , kabbalah and all these strange doctrines when they once were seeking the most high I see know they may not have been rooted and grounded in the word of Yah.i pray for thus person can you pray in agreement that their eyes be opened to truth.thank you watchman I appreciate your channel and all the info you give and I will pray for you as well.shalom

  9. shalom watchman what's going on now is a great falling away I found myself looking into Cern and the most high said just leave it alone don't get captivated with this project even if your seeking knowledge it is not of me. The scriptures say that we are to meditate in Yah day and night not what the world is doing they will do what they will do and it's wickedness that's all we need to know.Your so right done things we don't need to constantly direct our full undivided attention too because it's a distraction and it can vary very easily lead us away into false doctrine and out of the will if the heavenly father. Our people are being lead astray we need to pray people thus us here and it's very real.shalom.

  10. The problem is that we are relying on scriptures and quoting from books that have been translated and manipulated by the same ones who enslaved the negros yet we still rely on it. Ellohim would not leave us in this situation without original scriptures and this is why there are scriptures out there that have been preserved…but we must find out where they are because they are blatantly out there….

  11. we have to remember family that the Bible is not even mentioned in the Bible as the word of God but it is true that the Torah and the Injeel or Gospel existed but have been lost. please don't quote the Bible as though the Bible itself is actual a book revealed to the blessed Prophets and Messengers….use the words Torah, Injeel, Songs of David and scriptures of Ibrahim and Mushe to be more precise. The Bible is a word given by those who enslaved us which only means a compilation of books.

  12. I found in the scriptures that Yah seemed to allow eating of the clean and unclean, such as pork, according to Deut. 12:15. Can someone clear up the confusion for me?

  13. Thank you !! I am going to pass this on to some Faithful Believers . . i firmly believe the prince of Air… Worldly Place , People and Things bring Despair, Chaos and Emotional Discord

  14. This is so true.  I stay away from books that are anti Christ.  I was following a Hebrew on youtube who mentioned some of the books he was reading.  One of the books was the "illuminati 2".  I was thinking to myself "Why would he read that?" Nonetheless, I've learned that if I read and study this bible thoroughly, and other biblical texts, I know what philosophies are satanic based off someone providing me a very brief overview.  Hence, the bible and apocrypha will truly guide you into the truth.  There is really know need to go into other theories that promote heresies and unrighteousness (unless the Most High is directing you to, which is rare) .  My friends were trying to get me to purchase the book "the secret".  I did some research before I purchased it and found this book was riddled in witchcraft.  I did not even have to read it to discover that.  In fact the book comes in a series, "The secret", "The Power", and "The Magic".  That series does not seem righteous and I'm not bringing those demonic energies in my home. Thank you for this great lesson! Shalam.

  15. ok been on the fence for a while how do I choose a proper name? how can you convenience love ones after seeing the truth but still yet dont wanna believe? Have been listening between you guys for a while…and these camps even though I like the power of their message but the deliverance is of foolishness and craziness….everyone needs to come under one accord!

  16. Watchman I need some help for my family we are going through some serious demonic influence we need prayers and some advice on what to do thank you.

  17. The term "The Devil made me do it." Is just a abridged phrase for : "I obviously caused this horrible problem, but I don't want to take responsibility for it."

  18. Thanks. I am so glad you mentioned MK Ultra. Most people have no idea that it is real. Thanks for the Wisdom of Solomon. I just ordered 2 Apocrypha's. 1 for me and I will send 1 to my mother. Shalom!


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