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  1. A vegetarian for 30 years, A vegan for 10 years. No prescriptions, no smoking, no alcohol, no sugar for 40 years I have struggled with poor health, with asthma, food allergies and chemical allergies.. No More! I Now Eat Gaps! I Now Feel Good and I am HEALING. PRAISE THE MOST HIGH YAH! All he has given is good!

  2. Hear yall go putting this bullshit up people aint about to stop eating food cause yall so ignorant you look for anything instead of praying over your food let God handle the rest

  3. Interesting. I know I stopped eating liver decades ago after proving we cannot eat blood according to Scripture. The liver's main function is to cleanse blood.II'll listen and learn. Remember addictions take time to get over. Again listen. I will.

  4. In chickens, the ovary is a cluster of developing ova, or yolks. Female human ovaries also contain developing eggs. … If the egg becomes fertilized, it attaches to the wall of the uterus and begins to form an embryo. If the egg is not fertilized, it is eliminated

  5. I'm 54 yrs old, grew up in the country, where eggs were part of breakfast every morning! My blood pressure stand at 98/77.. I've only been under a dr care for birth of my children You got these self righteous preeminence folk out here leading the fathers sheep to the slaughter house…. smh!

  6. What came first the chicken or the egg. The egg because the rooster must sit on in order to create a chicken. No rooster no chicken

  7. I eat 4 eegs every day I am 52 I'll been eating eggs sense I was 5 years old and I don't have one or the other one disease

  8. You do need a pretty strict diet to incorporate eggs safely. Cooked in olive oil they contain a ton of fats.

    I already eat peanuts, walnuts, avocados, and meat so eating eggs cooked in olive oil is pushing my safe fat threshold to the limit. If I even eat so much as a scoop of ice cream for dessert after all that my nose will be clogged up with snot the next morning. And if I plan on eating fish I forego the eggs and avocados entirely to make room for the fats in the fish.

    I know most people don't watch their diet like I do so it's hard to recommend eggs to people.

    I follow a strict, personally crafted diet but I've always been somewhat of a health freak and a picky eater. My diet gives me everything that the body needs, no more no less. I tracked every vitamin/mineral and researched which foods provide each of them the most efficiently. Eggs w/olive oil made the cut so it IS healthy in a healthy diet, but likely not healthy in a bad diet due to easy fat overdosing.

  9. An egg has 6 grams of protein in it that's its value. This is a crazy idea that people believe that a women or an hen can have a baby or chicken by themselves. Women release an egg every month it does not mean a child is there

  10. I just bought my organic free range eggs 😓 it’s getting more and more vital to research what’s in our food.

  11. APTTMH YA Thank you Thank you Thank you. I been seeking TMH about not eating eggs finally I get my answer bye bye 🥚I renounce eating this in the name of The Father in Heaven cleanse me with the blood of YAHUSHA HAMASHIACH Father YA My body is a living sacrifice unto you help me to be strong and of good courage to be discipline in watching what I put into my body. Thanks for this upload I pray that everyone receive this as helpful to the lifestyle that is intended for us to live and be free from all the toxins the world has taught us to put in our bodies Amen Blessings to everyone Shalom ❤️

  12. Only if you're ALREADY at risk of having high cholesterol. Low cholesterol intake is key because your liver creates cholesterol. Put it into context instead of causing confusion!

  13. I'm screwed then because eggs are one of my favorite foods! I grew up on a farm so it's definitely a staple.

  14. This is out dated information that is a gotdamn lie. This man does not know what the hell he is talking about. I am unsubscribing. I am a nutritional biologist by occupation and the Ansel Keys theory was just a theory and has been disproved. There are hundreds of studies proving this info. is false! Pasture raised eggs are extremely healthy. He is teaching yall inaccurate information. Humans are obligate carnivores. I'm done. Enjoy your vitamin deficiencies within 5 to 10 years following this crap. I have ex vegans pay me hundreds of dollars to fix the vitamin and mineral deficiencies and diabetes and insulin resistance ailing them. There is no essential carbohydrate for the human body. I'm over this non sense.

  15. As a qualified pharmacist, I quite agree that what we eat and drink = our health & wellbeing (or not!). However, I disagree with this brother that eating eggs is essentially bad for you. Eggs are high in essential vitamins and minerals. However, how much you eat and how you prepare it is vital. Diabetes, hypertension and cancers have other risk factors, not just nutrition. Lack of exercise, eating unclean foods, drinking sodas, smoking, salty foods, fried foods, stress, lack of sleep, alcohol (over daily recommended units) – all these play a more important role.

  16. I'm eating eggs right now. I'm gonna keep eating eggs as long they are available to eat. Tell the minister he can keep his $100 30 day supply of supplements.

  17. I really like you guys but everything out here in 2019 is bad for us to eat even the veggies are not even real. That’s why the most high YAH says to pray over your food we can’t stop eating because it’s bad just don’t eat the stuff that is against his dietary laws. Pray over the food that’s not on that list and you will be fine

  18. What am I suppose to eat for breakfast when I wake up early enough? I normally eat turkey bacon 🥓 potatoes 🥔 eggs 🍳 and toast 🍞

  19. Learn what you can eat. Everyone's body is different. Vegan is not for everybody and Keto is not for everybody. Experiment and see how your body responds when you choose a new eating plan. We are all different! What works for one may not work for another! Get consistent blood work check all your vitals(blood pressure, and blood suger)and you would know what's best! Monitor yourself and Take care of yourself. If you dont know how to. Pray to the Most High and he will guide you! Matthew 7:7-8 HALLELUYAH!!!!!!!!!!

  20. Thank you for this information! My dr just told me a little bad news so this info is so needed for me right now!

  21. Question? Why would Yah tell us that poultry is clean and you tell us the eggs they produce are bad, who are we to believe? We all don't have your body physique which you speak proudly of, however, I don't think it's a requisite to enter into the present and the land of the Most High. From you sir I hear a lot of "PRIDE"!!!Please address my question.

  22. I’m 67 years old and I’ve been eating eggs all my life. I work out consistently and lift weights. My last blood test two months ago was the best I’ve had in years. Low cholesterol, no high blood pressure. I take no statins, and I take no blood pressure lowering drugs. Eggs provide protein for building muscle. I’ve seen research that contradicts much of what you say hear.

  23. This guys pronunciation of cholesterol and method of speaking has raised my “cholesterol.”

    They ways in which we share newly learned information is important. We are in a wicked world who has vaccinated us, poisoned us, enslaved us you name it. Speaking as if those who don’t know are fools, is a slippery mountain that may have adverse effects on the awakening.

    Informing the people on what they can’t eat, while promoting a product that claims to help isn’t always beneficial. Self interest seems to be a driving force behind the seemingly scare tactic.

    Information is power. We all need to look inward and cut loose all of the things that harm our bodies be it foods or any other thing. But there is a way to go about informing the people.

    Around the time I took basketball seriously I began reading and listening to many people wiser than I who learned better ways of taking care of the body. In addition to being hurt by watching a close family member consistently gain weight, I decided to cut out many of the foods my family ate regularly. At that time of my life and such a young man, I had the strength to eliminate pork and beef. In a family where we were relatively fortunate, however there were lean times where not eating pork and beef may extend to times when there was nothing to eat at all.

    It did not take someone looking to frighten me, there were professional athletes I was fortunate to have a relationship with, it was books I read and just naturally knowing what is better for my body than eating chitterlings during a holiday.

    The knowledge being taught is of great value. Any thing that isn’t living that’s put into our bodies is dying and of course it’s not optimal. However when thinking specifically about our people and all of the view points and budget limitations and generational habits we must infuse new methods of inspiring.

    I was inspired in 6th grade to cut loose many of the foods my family ate regularly. That inspiration has led to a lifelong value of health and a steady seeking of how to do better. So please as we awaken and learn all these great things let’s focus on the joy and blessings of the truth being told and shared once again, and not rush to the soapbox where that may turn off the very people one may be looking to help.

    It has long irritated me personally when people wear pajamas outside, I’ve always pondered “what’s the point of sleepwear if we wear it outside.” So I say this with love, as we awaken we can’t begin the new day in our pajamas.

  24. We will never have a perfect diet, the key is to stack the odds in your favor. thanx for the video i love it. Health is 3part Braid of Nutrition, Exercise, and Sleep.

  25. Please explain the benefits of Cholestérol. Hdl and. LDl as transport mechanism. The gut bateria binding to cholestérol causing plaque . Cholestérol rebuilds tissue and mends blood vessle. Cholestérol is good is the other substance that binds to cholestérol that is bad. High cholestérol is indications of other conditions. They body needs cholestérol.

  26. The thing that has me questioning this is when I observe animals they eat flesh of other animals! If I had a farm and grew my own chicken which laid an egg can I eat it?? Or is it still bad? Now I know your whole video is dedicated to answering my question but once you reply I have another question since I’ve seen something that contradicts this video on this channel!

  27. The great master teacher once liken Israel to baby chicks and him as a hen that he would like to gather us to himself…..I watched this following video and I noticed a similar trend with the treatment of these animals and the treatment of Hebrews over the course of time….crazy huh? the minister on health is on to something…watch the video, cut and paste this link into youtube…..

  28. Before Anyone takes these words as Gospel… Ask the Holy Spirit to lead and Guide you. I've been led into this false ministry for some years and am finally coming out. In it is the spirit of legalism and rejection of the Gospel. People lead perfectly healthy lives on meat, eggs, fish etc. Just because these people say you shouldn't eat these foods, doesn't mean its true… Wake up someone

  29. What's strange is that I DON'T eat eggs, but I DO have high blood pressure and cardiovascular disease…. hmmmm. Beware of foods with processed SUGARS and SALT, that's the REAL danger.

  30. I dont know about this health minister guy. He clearly goes against scripture of what the Most High commanded as I have seen with some of his other videos!


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