Egypt Okays Indian Wheat; Envoy Wael says, "Interested in building relations" | WION Exclusive

Days after Egypt announced decision to allow import of Indian wheat, the Egyptian ambassador to Delhi Wael Hamed has said that his country is “very much interested in building relations with India.” Egyptian call to add India in the list of countries from where wheat can be imported comes even global wheat prices have increased in a major way due to ongoing Russia-Ukraine conflict. Both Russia and Ukraine have been major exporter of wheat, something that has been hard hit due to the ongoing war.

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Comment (41)

  1. Egypt should be producing its own wheat, unfortunately the current leadership is incompetent and has ruined the agricultural potential of the country, not to mention the corruption and chaotic system making millions of ordinary Egyptians suffer.

  2. Indian Egyptian trade was started way way back they used to put black pepper in the mummy ⚰️ only found in Kerala .

  3. Let me get this straight, the country that was by far the largest manufacturer of wheat in the world is importing wheat from India because they can't feed 100 million people? They used to feed 25 % of the human race. What did the Arabs do to Egypt?

  4. Didn't Egypt used to have wheat in ancient times? Why didn't they do it today near the Suez or the Nile?

  5. Pakistan be like- India Kashmir, mislims par zulum kar raha or Egypt muslim dash hoka oha sa khana mangwa raha ha, mw hota to vukha maar jata🤣🤣🤣

  6. no relation with islamophobes country please. India is the worst especially in bullying muslim WOMAN

  7. Although its great to see India is helping in this time but what actually happened to Egypt?
    It approx exports to 25% of world population what went wrong?

  8. In the current environment of shortages, perhaps a more appropriate heading should have been "India approves Egypt as a buyer."

  9. All While America won't Grow Food this year!!! Interesting Timing Don't Ya Think 🤔 America is being Destroyed from WITHIN

  10. Haha, they talking importing wheat like importing S500 from Russia.

    Chill guys! Its just wheat from a peaceful country to another.

  11. India exporting wheat is good news however, India must be very careful in ensuring it has more than enough in its strategic reserves as prices are going to shoot up even further. China has already hoarded tons of grains at the previous lower prices! They will either sell that at a higher price or use it if need be.

  12. bhai apne liye bacha lena , sara naa bech dena wheat , kahin hum hi naa import kar rahe ho ultimately .

  13. Love Egyptian People from India, Very Creative People.

    I am an Indie Game Developer and I happen to hire an Egyptian Lady online, who did the Mapping for my Game, I was blown away by her Creativity and Mapping skills.

    I was afraid of how it would turn out but she had the right skills and eye for detail. Ever since then, I have great admiration for Egyptian People, Especially Artists, I think Art comes naturally to Egyptians.

  14. EGYPT is an very old civilization, it’s original name is MISR , being a linguistic I have studied lots of languages including Arabic Hebrew, Greek farsi Italian etc , I noticed that MISR looks like Sanskrit word means, MISHT . I had been to Egypt in 1987 as a sailor , I noticed the water melon , grapes , and dates ( KHAJUR ) are very sweet in Egypt , so most probably it the name given to it by Indian businessman , who use to come to Egypt in olden time during the time of pharaoh,

  15. Good ..india & Egypt has very old civilisations …
    Egypt must help india in Controlling Islamic fundamentalism…

  16. Egypt waa once a very ancient advanced and indigenous civilization. Completely ruined by Islamic invasion.
    Shame that we lost such unique civilization.

  17. whatever isl touches it ruins . Egypt was the largest producer of food supplies at a time , look at what Islam did to it. same case with Syria , Middle east etc.

  18. Egyptian men cannot be trusted , always fighting, we have to be very careful, take their money first then give them anything, i knw their attitude 😉 pretty well! dbt trust them at face value.


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