Elite Transhumanism Agenda

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  1. In 1850 the average Human life expectancy was 38…Today that number is nearly 80. Why? Because of technological advancements and an increase of knowledge. These advances in science are't limited to the "ELITES". Nearly everyone has access to Life Saving / Extending tech. Our life span has more than DOUBLED in the last 150 years. Is that WRONG, and How is this ANY DIFFERENT from what's happening today?

  2. Technology is neither good or evil, but it can be used for good or evil means.Transhumanism is an example that can be used to enhance human life (which it does) and can carry many benefits but is also used to robotize humanity and make them transhuman slaves for the 'elite.'

  3. I believe that man will destroy themselves by creating a robot that may possibly turn on us. I read where McDonald's is going to use robots to serve people which means hundreds of thousands of jobs lost plus what will happen if the robot malfunction? All of this is a bit too much for me.

  4. The military and intelligence communities all over the world are working together to control society. They are using technologies to oppress, surveille, and mind control populations. The US and the United Kingdom along with its common wealth states of Australia, Canada, and New Zealand have a joint intelligence operation known as Five Eyes which runs its ECHELON program used for gathering intelligence. ECHELON is working with the NSA's MAINWAY and MARINA to hack, steal, and store private information intercepted from telephone and internet communications and information. The NSA which is headed up by Michael S. Rogers is spying on everyone through hidden cameras and microphones in smart devices, televisions, and computers. The information is stored in the Utah Data Center where they develop psychological programs on civilians used for psychological targeting. All of this is entirely criminal. ECHELON is being covertly hacked by the Swiss ONYX interception system headed up by Guy Parmelin the Federal Councillor of the Swiss Federal Department of Defence and I believe the Swiss are working with Italy's AISE, France's Directorate-General for External Security headed up by Bernard Bajolet and Germany's Federal Office for the Protection of the Constitution or BfV headed up by Hans-Georg Maasen and Germany's Federal Intelligence Service or BND and their Project 6 surveillance program which works with the CIA headed up by Mike Pompeo. The EU uses Schengen Information System which unifies European intelligence gathering. The EU Commission is headed up in Belgium and Luxembourg with Jaak Raes the head of Belgian VSSE intelligence and Patrick Heck the head of Luxembourg's SREL intelligence. Russian Federal Security Service runs the SORM surveillance system on Russian civilians. Israeli Mossad and the IDF's Haman run Unit 8200 and they run Luxembourg based Intelsat satellite interceptors along with British Inmarsat satellite interceptors. These surveillance systems are spying on everyone however the release of this information distracts from the fact they are all running neurological hacking software where wireless frequencies and electronic emissions are designed to hack into a persons body and mind. They spray what are called chemtrails for various purposes like weather modification but also to enhance their wireless and radio transmitted frequencies.

    They are using GENESIS (software), Neuron (software), Brian (software), and NEST (software) through the electronics which function through all operating systems like Windows and Linux. The Satellite interceptor systems are also running similar programs which can target in a similar way. MERLIN is a radio telescope system named after a wizard and managed by Brian Bowsher which is running biochemical hacking programs developed by the Freemasonic members of the Royal Institute and Royal Society which are covertly working with the Science and Technology Facilities Council. The USAF's HAARP system is partly involved with radio targeting on members of society. Karl G. Jansky Very Large Array located in New Mexico and Atacama Large Millimeter Array based in Chile are radio satellite systems also used for targeting. The Atacama system is an international project including Europe and the United States. The Netherlands Institute for Radio Astronomy runs its LOFAR and Westerbork Synthesis Radio Telescope systems used for targeting society with mind control frequencies. Dutch intelligence is called AIVD and headed up by Rob Bertholee. Haman headed up by Gadi Eizenkot and Mossad headed up by Yossi Cohen are involved along with CIA-Jesuits or Roman intelligence and SIS-Masonic Crown agents in overseeing and infiltrating Silicon Valley which further enables electronics and operating systems to run neural hacking programs. There is a Silicon Valley or called Silicon Wadi in Israel around Tel-Aviv with the same companies that operate in Silicon Valley in California like IBM, Cisco Systems, Motorola, Microsoft, and Seimens. The European Union owns the Human Brain Project operating out of Geneva, Switzerland which has helped to develop neuro-brain computer interface and neurological hacking software like GENESIS which was developed by Jesuit educated James Mason Bower. They can literally plug their minds into these systems and target people with a form of synthetic telepathy. The Church of Scientology which is working with Silicon Valley has these technologies. Along with these programs military and private military have developed various microwave, electronic, and pulse weapons used for covertly targeting members of society. All this is invisible to the eye and enables these tyrants to target people extremely covertly. These are crimes against humanity. These systems need to be shut down and these criminals need to be executed.

  5. The anti Christ is going to be a super computer convincing the world it's smarter, better and can give us the life God never did. I can see humans in the future electing a robot(super computer) president or dictator to rule the globe

  6. listen your all transhumans already! you hae nano dust inside you right now! from chemtrails and food and water supply! 100% are infected! your thoughts are not yours this is why your all stupid and do nothing about the world crumbling around you your robots! since birth thee owned you took your blood and circumsized you to allow demons inside you from trama! they feed on fear and pain! so your all kept scared and in pain with sickness and illness and cancers. everyone thinks something bad is coming lmao… its already here! they make fun of you all in movies, your the zombies and robots already. they make you crave bad poisoned foods they made you fat and diseased they gave you all your pain and sickness and took hundreds of years of life from you! you all die before your 80 and should live for hundreds of years! your all programed to facebook and take selfies and worry about kim ks an internet whores ass! your pathetic stupid species and they know it! you already failed!!!!!!

  7. A bunch of nutters in power stick that technology up where the sun don't shine its evil to the core with evil greedy slave making PEADOs in power.. Government murders not give life

  8. I'm too Christian to buy this. God made us in his image, we didn't evolve from anything. We can't become transhuman, God won't become something else so we will always exist in his divine image. Sin alows for disease and death, consequences. Satan is using science to lie to people I believe . Give your lives to Jesus Christ and repent of your sins.


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