Elon Musk dancing video takes internet by storm as Tesla opens its first plant in Germany | WION

On Tuesday, Tesla officially opened its giga factory in Germany, the company’s first manufacturing facility in Europe. A dance video of Tesla CEO, Elon Musk goes viral on internet after this event.

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Comment (41)

  1. Putin lives in a 24-carat bubble completely isolated and displays human characteristics to a god, has intentions to non-human entities, and is an innate predisposition of human psychology. Putin is no longer mentally proficient to rule, he sees himself, as a czar. Yes, Putin must be removed from his gold throne to a cold concrete prison cell for life with a seat on the floor…that is where all cold-blooded war criminals belong, Pepsee

  2. Not such a smart man as you think, fawning over a lying narcissistic snake, who sleeps her way through the elite and destroys One of the worlds best actors career. Elon is a nut case.

  3. Such stupid moves from the guy Mask. He does not get simple rhythm! And people think he is a genius! There is something fishy!

  4. Yeah, um, I'd rather talk about Elon Musk's crypto currency Dogelon Mars…. The first intergalactic currency

  5. Elon remains a model for everything. President Putin had he followed logical and hallowed advice would have spared himself and Russia the now known result of self driven advice instead of the much higher order from which eMusk derives his inspiration, when followed.

  6. Elon knows making good quality cars with high levels of productivity in Germany is the way to go and not make in India; something modi and his islamophobic gang tried to beg him to do.

  7. Elon musk will help you guys get rid of Russian gas. Have him help you guys build a hydrogen plant that will heat your homes and keep electricity going

  8. You say your going to do this do that but i don t see any action or Ukraine help except internet communications or the war is over When Action going to happen

  9. Disgusting! Someone remind him how old he is, also remind him he is not really American! Does he even know who Paul Revere is? His speeches about freedom is bull he don't even know what we meant. We meant FREEDOM FROM THE ESTABLISHMENT! He is the reason we need to take all smaller countries so he can put factories there and use their population as his slaves! They fall for it because they don't know who the hell he is and he just smiles and dances around telling them they will be rich if they truly love "capitalism/democracy" like those 2 things have to go together. What is China? Communist and they have taken the world by storm. Our government is jealous so we just have to hop to it and take countries too just not in any obvious way.

  10. To point out, ur background is not nice, that building was build by russia under ussr… U could take a view from other side of the river Daugava with the view from old city. This view isnt pleasant and it does not represent Riga at any point… Tbh i was confused to see that backgorund and i though that You making this video from Germany.

  11. Really protesting against electric vehicles? I didn't think Germans were that dumb. Soon Russia is going to cut their oil supply. Then what?

  12. environmental wackos are a global problem. Germany has never run out of water thats insane. If The enviromentalists really wanted to preserve water every single river would be dammed so no water can go into the ocean which would cool the earth and prevent sea levels from rising. They are such hipocrits


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