Elon Musk reveals plans to implant computer chips into brains

Elon Musk spoke about his new company, Neuralink, and the plans to implant computer chips into brains in the hopes of curing disease.

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Comment (31)

  1. Covid-19 in future and will place under the skin and release vaccine yearly and make it into one system dealing with buying and selling. The Bible called it the "Mark Of the Beast"

  2. Brain: so are you going to sleep now?
    Me: yes so shut up
    microchip implant: but first a word from our sponsors Raid Shadow Legends, and NordVPN – sign up for ADblocker today for as low as $49.99 per month!

  3. Elon Musk does not even look Human' Never has and when he comes at anyone with a brain Chip implant, should be the day of his death' Were in a fight between Good and Evil and Elon is Evil in every way' I can tell you that things will get worse before it gets better But just around the corner Great and awesome things will be set forth for the Human population like Med Beds' that even if someone has lost a limb It will cause the body to grow a mirrored one And it perfect shape and Make people healthy in every way as well younger somewhat' Just wait and see' ✝✝✝ ( " , )

  4. If the technology can be adapted (in a relatively safe manner) to treat mental disorders and certain neurological illnesses, then it does sound quite promising.
    I do also see how big tech could use it to manipulate people’s thought processes with nefarious intent.

  5. Stop polluting the environment, corrupting foods, spraying chemtrails, poisoning the water, making bombs, trying to own everything and just grow healthy food, accept God and our mortality and need for a saviour and there wouldn't be as much illness to have to try and cure!?! Oh wait, that is why you do it all, you need the problems to justify your proposed "solutions" which all have huge spiritual connotations and lifestyle restrictions.

  6. Cyber attacks and computer viruses abound…according to these people, not me, and you want to implement a direct link to my brain? Erm, aside from The Bible, no thanks even oon a purely secular level

  7. Every second 1.9 people die in the world. Do you think he cares? Why? What we we do with all the people? It is all about money. He will probably buy a piece of land on Mars. People, it is survival of the fittest. I hope your spirit is strong enough to keep your mind and body alive.


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