Elon Musk triggers another row, now it is Elon Musk versus Bill Gates | WION

Tesla CEO Elon Musk has now embroiled himself in another disagreement with fellow billionaire Microsoft Co-founder Bill Gates. Musk has confirmed that he asked Bill Gates if the latter has half billion short against Tesla when Gates approached him to discuss philanthropy on climate change

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Comment (32)

  1. Its really funny to see how easily people follow and praise a guy that is responsible for huge environmental issues, supporting oppressive regimes, milked federal loan and support programs, pumps thousands of tons of pollutants into the atmosphere to launch satellites that offer little to no chance of helping most people that need them, and who manipulates stock and crypto markets as a fun hobby to watch his accounts swell so he can engage in even more middle-age man hobbies and pursuits … yeah just keep lauding him and hanging on his every word and action, a real hero – guess fanboys never really grow up.

  2. Great video. you've remind me of what someone once said❤️ "The mind is the man, the poor is in it and the rich is it too". This sentence is the secret of most successful investors. I once attended similar and ever since then i been waxing strong financially, and i most tell you the truth..

  3. musk denied leaking the messages, so someone had his password to his account and he wants to buy twitter, run people run, I would think nothing will change if he bought the company, your privacy will still be at risk

  4. The five stages of communism

    1) Revolution – Descent into madness, wokeness, jealousy becomes government policy and the secret woke police force is created (example kgb)
    2) Purge/Exodus – The top 20% escape or are murdered. In time the top 30%, 40%, 50% and so on escape or are murdered
    3) Stagnation/De-evolution – Since the country is ruled by the dumbest of the dumb all technological innovation ceases
    4) Collapse – Inflation is rampant. Jealousy is rampant with everyone ratting everyone out to the state.
    5) Descent into Barbarism – At this point the social and technological de-evolution have disintegrated society to nothing but barbarism. Food shortages lead to cannibalism. Example Russia, Venezuela,

  5. When you short a stock, there is really no limit as to how much you can lose. A half billion shorted against Tesla?? Tesla is up 10X from a few years back. – and they just beat all expectations on their earnings call. I hope he loses his shirt.

  6. Wow I really like wion! One
    Of my favorite news channels but this is ridiculous!! Why even share this! When tesla uses child labor In Africa, they mine cobalt in africa and teslas mining and pollution for “blood batteries” and cobalt is a direct cause for climate change and global warming. Tesla just doing the same thing as everyone else does. Child labor slaves, corruption, pollution, lies , blood batteries, government corruption etc!! So to even post videos like this glorifying these idiots who do nothing for humanity! Both have been the richest in the world!! Both of them can end world hunger, and provide every person with a home but yet their twitter postings and their “beef” is more important?? No wonder most of you people are so dumb!!

  7. I'm not rich so I can't touch even owning TESLA stock. But so far, the only thing Elon has done to bug me is the 'women' thing that roughly all men do. That's great so its none of my business anyways. So, 'minus one' for being a grown up. If the guy wanted to start a new country I'd apply for citizenship. I mean, they'd never approve it but I'd still apply 🙂

  8. Sooo… Gates wants to take capital from a company that is doing the most against climate change and wants to allocate it to other companies that don't do squat.

  9. People really still are buying into this bs the media is pushing?? I’m sure gates and musk and the rest the club are sitting back dying laughing when they read the comment section on social media platforms..wake up ppl, they on same team..they playing the people of America and rest of the 🌎..⏰⏰

  10. Hypocritical rich pricks betting on loans to fail and stock prices to drop. These idiots never learn do they? Bill Gates rhymes perfectly with two thousand and eight doesn't it? Congress needs to pass a bill that a U.S. citizen NOT born in the United States CAN become the President.


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