Elon Musk unveils Neuralink V2 brain chip working demo creating Brain-Machine Interface

Neuralink’s founder Elon Musk demonstrates Brain-Machine Interface V2 working device (brain chip demo) on August 28, 2020. LASIK is the upcoming feature to be revealed next. Elon unveils the second version of Neuralink’s device to convert Brain’s signals to computer digits. The neural company made huge progress in the field of the Brain structure and it’s interaction with Artificial Intelligence device made by Neuralink’s engineers. Neural Engineering for now is on extremely high level. Humanity is really too close to create symbiosis of Human Brain and Machine algorithms and AI. I’ve made the recap of Elon Musk’s speech on latest Neuralink’s event on August 28, 2020.

Credit: neuralink.com

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  1. I would get and have my father get it. Everything is all generated from the brain anyway and your brain sends signals everywhere imagine the possibilities. It doesn’t have to be done with an air hammer you can use the deem so like tool or even a circular type of tool just like you install a doorknob as if to open a door into a new way of life.

  2. Mark of beast, here y'all come. Next it will b inserted up nose in threw sinuses, which is the forehead. B.ureau E.lectronicly A.ssisting S.ecure T.rade- aka beast, Mark of.

  3. All of these comments have to be fake……You actually want a chip in your head? Black mirror style? The second pig didnt look to sharp to be honest drinking that liquid? is it a liquid only diet when you get it removed because your brain is fried? would be nice if the pig could talk ……as for the one with the chip in its head…who knows how that pig is feeling…seemed scared. "shy"

    Elon saying that we need to defeat AI by becoming one? i smell shit……and a good way to sell something that will destroy the human soul. something he lacks.

  4. Don't trust it. I was forced to take an implant at 316 east chestnut st Louisville ky in July of 2012 at the ccc jail. I've been a test subject for the last 5 years. I have an x ray showing the chip in Louisville. I moved out of ky to avoid being set up by the Louisville Metro Police Department. If your from Louisville you know what I'm talking about….fake cia training center. I know the name of the tech that updated the system in the basement(braingate system) help me put a stop to this inhumane testing and torture. I have the chip, I have an x ray. I eyewitnesseed the braingate system being used. My family and friends as well as councilors believe me. I have called the police departments. (LMPD and Sheriff) as well as the ombudsman. They all know what I'm talking about, but it's out of their jurisdiction. It's corrections jurisdiction.They never answer the phone. Ever.


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